Flower Power from OffHand gear

Who knew that it would be so special to have your wife/partner make their own special AR Rifle with Offhand gear!  The gift that will always keep giving.  One of the cool things about Offhand gear is that they do and well cater to everyone.

courtesy from Omni Arms

One day I was building an AR rifle and my wife walked into the room and said to me, “where is mine?”  Huh, good question I said to her. I sat my wife down and checked out Offhand gear website.  Amazing stuff they have and the perfect place to pick up something for my wife. Once the wife narrowed down what she thought would be good for her rifle, we ordered it.  Before you know it, it arrived in the mail just as you can see in the picture.  Bright purple flowers filled with color was what the wife needed.

Opening up the box you can differently tell that it was made with 6061 t6 aluminum.  It also came with the AR15 barrel nut and mounting screws.  Let me tell you I loved the way it felt.  Smooth to the touch but durable to handle anything the rifle can be put through.  Do not worry! The rail already has Pre-drilled and tapped holes on both top and bottom.  Easy enough to attach the furniture you would need. 

Positive note on this rail – weights about 8 oz. smooth finish, rings and gloves don’t hang up on. and the fact you can have whatever color you want it to be.  You will need to use the low profile gas tube, but overall this rail is one of the top of line.  Check out what Offhand gear says:



Right now you can get this beautiful GunCandy Lilly hand guard with no wait!  Ready to ship as pictured 12″ hand guard in Viper GunCandy cerakote.

Please note, price is already discounted – additional discounts will not be honored on this in-stock, ready to ship set.

  • Available in] 12″
  • Weight in raw – ]8.4oz
  • Free float design
  • Smaller diameter fits smaller hands better (2″ exterior / 1.75″ interior)
  • Beveled edges makes for a smooth finish, rings and gloves don’t hang up on.
  • Made from 6061 t6 aluminum
  • Includes AR15 barrel nut and mounting screws
  • Pre-drilled and tapped on both top and bottom. Picatinny / tac rail available (sold separately)
  • CeraKote brand color coating in Gun Candy Viper.
  • Please note that a low profile gas tube will be necessary for installation.
  • We get that you have class, you have sass, and you’re an all-around bad-ass woman. We’re just like you, and we’ve spent our fair share of time sifting through poorly conceived women’s gear that was made for…you guessed it…MEN!  You’re not a man, you don’t need men’s gear; you need something made specifically for you, made for the glorious, bad-ass woman that you are!Kick that clunky man gear goodbye2012 Banner ImageBack in 2012, we (actually it was just me) wanted to do our part to put a stop to this madness and created OffHand Gear to change the women’s apparel and firearm accessories landscape forever.  We have exactly what you’ve been looking for, from rangebags, to t-shirts, and even shooting mats. We get it, you’re rough, you’re tough, but your’re also all woman. How hard is that for other mainstream companies to understand?Logo About Us Banner Mid Page

    Don’t worry, we’ve got your back so you’ll never have to wear that pink camo again. (Unless you choose to).


    Use our gear, you’re going to be classy, you’re going to be a woman, but you’re also going to be a bad-ass with a weapon, all at the same time.

So what  are  you  waiting  for!  Head  over  to  their  website  now.  Until  next  time….







Click here for Offhand Gear


Click here for Omni Arms


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