IMG_20140328_125903_491Hello all of my Gunners out there!  Greg here and this is my page to tell you a little bit about me.  I am the top Expeditionary Designated Marksman in MSRON.  My last duty station was with Naval Special Warfare for several years to where I trained, learned, taught and kick ass with the Navy Seals! Yes, I am qualified 0812/0814 as well as MANY others!  I am also qualified with VBSS, Explosives, RSO, Small Arms and everything that falls with it.  I Love my life and everything I need to do.

I have been rated as top EDM, GM and several achievements with Naval Special Warfare.  I built this website to test, evaluate equipment and weapons that is sold on the market, to make sure you all get the same quality of equipment as I played with!  So sit back and read all about the KICK ASS gear available for you!

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