Rifle case for transport from Explorer cases

DSC_0824Do you ever wondering how you are going to transport your rifle safely?  Well read this review and know what to do with Explorer cases.
It is about a 120 degrees standing here on the tarmac with the sun beating down on us while we all stand here with our gear everywhere watching the C130 pull up.  The C130 mad a semi U-turn and then you could hear the roar of the engines slow down as the crew lowered the tail gate.  As soon as the engine downs off, each one of us starts to gather our gear in order to take it up the ramp and into the back of the C130.  I looked down and saw my Explorer rifle case I got for my Sniper rifle.  I bent down to take a look one more time to be sure everything was nice and snug inside.


Ah, isn’t that great!  This Explorer case comes with a soft case on the inside instead of foam.  Why do you ask?  I know some people like foam, but lets say you have a different rifle you want to use?  Are you going to have different cases for your different rifle?  Well, you could but why?  When you can have one case that can handle it ALL!  See Explorer came out with a limited addition case called the American Sniper Tribute case.

DSC_0828 This case was made to handle a Sniper, Designated Marksman and the Long Range Precision shooter.  See, with this case you can – travel on any type of aircraft, trucks, across country and over sea knowing that your rifle is safe with this hard shell transport case.  But also have the luxury of taking the soft case out of the shell and just driving to the range without the bulkiness.  What more could you ask for!  Here let us check out what Explorer cases has to say:

Product Description

The Limited Edition American Snipers Tribute Case by Explorer Cases embodies the ultimate in protection and operational portability. A collaboration between Explorer Cases and AmericanSnipers.org, this Limited Edition Case is not available in stores. The American Snipers Tribute Case features a distinctive dark earth color, with black handles and latches, as well as a unique version of AmericanSnipers.org’s signature logo, making it truly one of a kind.


This case, like the dedicated officers and operators representing America’s finest, offers the highest level of protection. It is waterproof, dust proof, and virtually indestructible! It is also 100% guaranteed forever.

Based on the Explorer Cases’ 13513 Rifle case with an interior length of 53 1/8 inches, it easily accommodates most sniper rifles, including the McMillan Tac-338. The enclosed padded gun bag allows the operator to pack magazines and other necessary accessories in addition to the rifle. The rifle section is padded and there are internal straps to secure the rifle’s position in the bag.

AmericanSnipers.org is a 501©3 non-profit organization comprised of active and retired Military and Law Enforcement snipers who volunteer their time and efforts to raise money and equipment donations to support snipers and designated marksmen in more than 150 sniper platoons of the US Military.

Explorer Cases is proud to support the efforts of AmericanSnipers.org by donating a portion of the sales of this Limited Edition American Snipers Tribute Case directly to AmericanSnipers.org.



External dimensions:     55.5”x16.31”x6.25”
Internal dimensions:     53.125”x13.75”x5.31”
Weight w/foam:                   21.93 lbs
Weight w/Gunbag 135:        21.93 lbs
Waterproof, Sand & Dust-proof, Shockproof and Crushproof
Designed for Military use
Large contoured front handle
Two-man lift side handles
Heavy duty ball bearing wheels
100% Guaranteed Forever!

Gunbag 135:

Heavy duty padded fabric
Durable zippers with nylon pulls
Neoprene hook & loop side flaps
Adjustable internal straps to secure rifle position
External padded zipped pouches for magazines and/or accessories
Removable shoulder strap
Adaptable for optional backpack kit
100% Guaranteed Forever!

Okay, stop drooling over it!  So where was I?  Oh ya, so after checking the rifle I locked it all back up and grabbed the thick handle and walked it on the plane.  Ready for deployment!  What more can I even say!!!!  This Explorer rifle case is what everyone is asking for!  Head over to Explorer’s website and check it out for your self.  YOU will not be disappointed either!  Until next time


Click for Explorer cases


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