Crosman Tactical Pulse R91 AEG Airsoft Rifle

One of the best things you can do in training for the real world is to use force on force training.  Airsoft allows you to do this.  You need to read this review!

When you are in the Military training unit and your budget is not what you thought it would be, what do you do? You turn to airsoft.

Facemask on, more clothes on my body then I would like and crouched down in this tree waiting for the right moment to strike.  I heard a noise off to my left knowing that this was the guy I was looking for.  I was making myself smaller and smaller hoping I would not be seen.  Bingo!  He is right there, no more than 15 feet from me.  I waited until the right moment to come.  I was slowing down my breathing through this mask in order to get the best shot I can.  I raised up the machine gun level with my target.  Placed my index finger on the trigger and gripping the foregrip tight.  I knew that if I shot the target now, I would be shooting him in the back.  I made a small noise so that my target would be intrigued to turn around.  Yes, he did turn to see what that noise was.  I depressed the trigger to the rear of the trigger guard and lite him up…  Funny thing though!

As I started shooting, the target saw me and took off running away.  I could not get a clean shot off.  So, I stood up and took off after him.  I could see him gaining distance on me as we hurried through the woods.  Tree branches and weeds were everywhere.


I didn’t want to waste ammo on the run until we came around the corner!  He stopped running and turned around to take aim.  “Got you” I yelled out loud as I fired off my shots.  Direct hit, several shots center mass and he goes down.  Yes!  So I then take off running back to find more potential targets.

See, what people don’t know or like to think they know is that airsoft is just more than a child’s toy.  It is actually a “tool” to help you learn how to fight and punish when you fail at it.  It is a true force on force training tool so you can learn to be better.  Pyramydair is one of the best places to get your tools for force on force.  It is also the best place to get your child their airsoft or air rifle for their games and hunting.

What a game experience, huh?  Pyramydair has sent this Crosman Tactical Pulse R91 AEG Airsoft Rifle out to be tested and see if it can last with the big boys.


The gun its self is pretty light in weight.  The gun frame is made of plastic.  4-way customization with its removable stock and mock compensator.



It has a high capacity, 500-round, gravity-fed hopper. Shooting at up to 200 fps, it’s ideal for close quarter combat scenarios.




A removable stock that is made of synthetic material.





A removable fake suppressor made of plastic.





A removable scope.  This is mostly for show.



Below you will see some more information. Check it out:

The NEW TACR91 AEG features full-auto firing and features a long-life battery, that provides more time for skirmishing and less time recharging. The versatile TACR91 offers 4-way customization with its removable stock and mock compensator. It has a high capacity, 500-round, gravity-fed hopper. Shooting at up to 200 fps, it’s ideal for close quarter combat scenarios.

  • Versatile rifle offers 4-way customization featuring removable stock and mock compensator
  • See-through, gravity-fed hopper holds up to 500 rounds
  • Vertical foregrip
  • Includes high-performance battery and charger
  • Built-in America
  • Full automatic
  • Picatinny rail
  • Hopper magazine
  • Removable stock

CR-TACR91 [PY-3759-7217]Crosman Tactical Pulse R91 Airsoft RifleIncluded: Battery and charger.

Caliber 6mm
Max Velocity 200 fps
Stock Synthetic
Color Black
  • Specifications
Caliber 6mm
Max Velocity 200 fps
Loudness 2-Low-Medium
Shot Capacity 500
Barrel Smooth bore
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Flip-up
Scopeable No
Suggested for Plinking/Fun
Action Full-auto
Safety Manual
Powerplant AEG
Hop Up Yes
Max Shots per Fill 500
Material Metal/ABS plastic
Body Type Rifle
Weight 2.0 lbs

What do you think about that!  Pretty cool gun.  Like most airsoft guns you will have your own PRO’s and CON’s.  Here is a small list of mine:

PRO’s:                                                                                  CON’s:

1) Lightweight                                                                                                 1) Plastic frame
2) Removable parts                                                                                        2) no upgrade motor
3) High capacity magazine                                                                           3) no folding stock
4) The design looks real                                                                                4) no extra magazine
5) Small in length for CQC

Well, there you go.  What you need to do is head over to Pyramydair and check out all the guns they have waiting for you.  Until next time……………

Click here for Pyramydair 


2 thoughts on “Crosman Tactical Pulse R91 AEG Airsoft Rifle

  1. I own one (really good,) but the scope is “detachable” sure you can and it’s pretty easy but the scope is required because it is what holds the bb’s. This isn’t a big deal but if y’all want this article to be fully accurate, I would recommend removing the part that says it has an optional scope.


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