Operation climb mountain with M8 boots from Bates

I know we all have to take care of our feet.  Bates does it right!  Check out Bates M8 Boot!

Stopping for just a second to catch my breath, I placed my hand on my knee as I looked down to make sure my laces were still tighten around my ankle.  Then I looked up the mountain we were climbing only to see more rocks and uneven ground still ahead of us.  I know this is something we need to do, but can my boots handle the rough terrain as well as I can?  We will soon see.


Making our way up the mountain , rocks coming out of the ground making us slip and then using corners of the rocks to lift us up was tremendous on the soles of the boots.  Including the ankles.  We finally reached our destination on the mountain and I really must say that these M8 Boots I got from Bates really impressed me!  My feet were cushioned, gripped the rock and held up to Bates and the Military standard.  Thanks bates for thinking about us men and women in the Military!

Bates has been around for years serving the US Military and understands what it takes to create a boot meant to take a licking!  Read what Bates has to say about their M8 Boot:

btsm-e11031-072315-f15-0222This high performance Berry Compliant boot is made for navigating rugged environments. This durable hot weather boot features abrasion resistant flesh-out cattle hide leather and a breathable moisture wicking lining along with a Vibram® outsole. The M-8 Hot Weather is also AR670-1 Compliant, built specifically to meet military specifications.
• Abrasion Resistant Flesh-Out Cattle Hide Leather
• Breathable and Moisture Wicking Lining
• Cushioned Midsole for Added Comfort
• Proprietary Vibram® Rubber Outsole, made specifically for Bates
• Proudly Manufactured in the USA
• AR670-1 Complaint. As an option to issue boots, soldiers may wear commercial boots of a design similar to the Army combat boot as authorized by the commander.

This is an amazing boot!  I really think you need to head over to Bates Boots and pick up a pair!  Until next time……………………….download


Click for Bates

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One thought on “Operation climb mountain with M8 boots from Bates

  1. The stronger boot on the climb makes speed be more relevant on the up going but when coming down gives extra comfort. Incredible traction.


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