Ultra Phalanx Knife – Part 1 “The Intro”

Have you heard about the Treeman Combat Knives?  Well Naval Special Warfare has and maybe you need to also.  Check this out!

Some of the most important things you need to look for in a combat knife is, how does it handle, strength, durable, weather and is it to heavy to fight with?

When you first pull the knife out of it’s sheath, it can be a little intimidating, especially if you have not had a great knife before.  You instantly feel like this blade, handle or whatever could really hurt some one if given the chance.  Yes!  Yes it can!

For this first article we are just introducing this beast to you as is.  We are working it hard in a fighting situation and how it handles.  I know out of all people can not wait to see what happens!  But we need to because you will be surprise on what we found out.  But for now let’s see what Treeman has to say for their intro:

This Ultra Phalanx has a 6” blade . Same exact knife as the 7.5 just a little more compact. Its a super duty Killer knife made of the very best materials for the professional soldier or serious collector that likes well made high end quality knives. The Rolex of Combat Knives! This is the best Chopping, Slicing, Smashing, Camping, Hacking, Killing, Badass knife that incorporates some of the best characteristics a knife should have. This Treeman Ultra has a 6″ blade with a razor edge. I flat grind them and put a chisel edge on last so it’s like a pry bar with a razor’s edge, The skull crusher works great as a glass breaker attention getter. I had second thoughts on the skull crusher when I made the first Phalanx but 3 of the guys from Team 4 said “Hell yes to the skull crusher” I do make some with a rounded butt as well. This knife was machined, drilled so the handles fit perfect every time from knife to knife. I hand grind the blades from 1/4″ high carbon tool steel and have them vacuum heat treated to 56 RC. This knife has the Cerakote finish for superior durability and protection from elements. Will not rust . tough as nails. The full tang design has checkered  g10 micarta or canvas micarta. This knife is badass and is ready to go to combat with a solid feel and an excellent grip in either hand. The thong loop will keep the knife in your hand, where it belongs and the overall length is 13 1/2″. Available with Treeman Leather or Kydex .The knife snaps in like a clip in a .45. never have to worry about noise or scratches you get from all other cheap Kydex. This kydex sheath is made to last a life time and hand down to the next generation.

Story goes:

SEAL Team 4

This Ultra Phalanx name is the Navy Seal Team 4 Motto.  In 2009, now retired team members Eric and Tony and a few other team members had asked me to build them a hardcore combat knife and they sent me a few sketches and this is where it all ended up. This knife started it all for Treeman Combat Knives. Since then, we have worked with several members of the TEAMS as well as Special Forces, Marine Recon, Border Patrol. We know a couple of customers that use our knives as examples in military training schools as examples of what should be looked for when choosing knives. We have even done a knife designed and voted on specs for a platoon of SEALs Charlie Platoon Team 4/  Before this Jim only made his world famous handmade line, one at a time by hand, and still does that today, The workload has just gotten to be a bit more than it used to be.  We use cerakote finish on all of our blades.


Click for Treeman Knives


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