This is how I use my Explorer case!

5140_1424866507Are you a Military Armor? Civilian armor?  Well then this article review is for you!  Stand-by to have your pants blown off!

Sitting on my rack,  in the plywood home I have right now, with 5 other guys listening to the wind blow sand again the walls.  I reached for my Explorer case Trolley and shut it over closer to where I was sitting.  Then I grabbed my M4 and started to strip it down to clean it.  Pulling open the different drawers on this trolley and having everything I need for my weapon at my finger tips is amazing!  In this Explorer Trolley case, I have not only all my cleaning gear, but extra parts, shooting glasses and more!  This case is what I say is the King of them all.  Plus, the added extra bonus is that it is water resistant and even though it try’s really hard to keep the sand out too!  Let’s just say there is a drawer for everything!

I own several Explorer cases for everything I have!  Even my bugout gear.  Check out what Explorer has to say about this Awesome Trolley case:


This Trolley is specifically engineered for the professionals who need to carry a variety of tools and spare components, making it the ideal companion for all kind of MROs. Comes in a sturdy injection molded body made in copolymer polypropylene, able to withstand shocks, rough usage and harsh weather conditions, features two side handles, an extractable trolley handle (990 mm. extended height) and four robust and silent wheels. The upper compartment closed by the top lid, contains a removable tray for spares, placed on top of a recessed area where a laptop computer can be stored. The lower compartment, protected by a collapsible front door, can accommodate 3 to 8 removable drawers of variable height (30-60-95 mm.).
All drawers, while completely accessible when open, are provided with a self-restrain stop to prevent the accidental falling out. A number of optional accessories such as pivoting wheels set, and extra drawers and pre-cubed foam sets are available to make this product your Personal Maintenance Assistant.

– one 30 mm high drawer provided with inner pre-cubed foam
– two 60 mm high drawers provided with inner pre-cubed foam
– one 95 mm high drawer provided with inner pre-cubed foam
– 2 sides handles
– telescopic handle
– upper and frontal lids both removable
– front lid can be opened up to 180°
– 4 robust and silent self-oiling wheels
– unique “stop-in-open-position” drawers system
– removable tray in the upper compartment
– I.D. removable label
– label for content identification of the drawers
– 4 latches in the upper lid
– 4 latches in the frontal lid
– automatic pressure release valve
– various padlockable points, with metal reinforced clips.
– sealing polyurethane o-rings on both, upper and frontal lids
– great versatility in configurations

 Makes you want to just head over to Explorer Cases website and pick up one huh?  Well, it will not be just one!  Enjoy the heck out of it like I do!  Until next time……

Click here for Explorer Cases 


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