Sniping 6 Taliban with one bullet

This was an unbelievable shot that needs to be told.  You must read below


Sniper: Coldstream Guard (Name unreleased)
Nationality: British
Weapon Type: L115A3
War: Afghanistan War
Date: 2014
Known Kills: 6

Proving that sniping is alive and well in the current day, this most recent accomplishment occurred in 2014.  The 20-year-old British sniper, a lance corporal in the Coldstream Guards, hit the trigger switch of the device from about 900 metres away, causing the bomb to explode. When the vest exploded, it also took out five other insurgents. With this single, deadly shot, the sniper may have prevented the deaths of scores of people – who knows what or where the eventual target may have been? His name has not been released – likely, to keep him safe from retaliation. It’s a sobering reminder – that those who keep us secure do so at a risk to themselves, and often do not receive the positive recognition they deserve.

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