Francis Pegahmagabow was the most effective sniper in World War I. 

The word “sniper” comes from the snipe bird. Noted for its erratic flight it took considerable skill to shoot a snipe, particularly with the smooth bore muskets and flintlock rifles used by British sportsmen in India where the term was first used. By the Continue reading

Sniper students learn the finer points of hide and seek

By Lance Cpl. Roger L. Nelson |

Part three of fourMarines going through the Scout Sniper Basic Course participated in the individual stalking portion of their 10-week training, Oct. 13, at the Schofield Barracks East Range Training Area.“Our first stalk was about a nine hundred-meter stalk, and the terrain had a lot of trees and shrubs for the students to hide behind,” said Sgt. Michael A. McClay, chief instructor, Scout Sniper Basic Course. “The second stalk we did was from about seven hundred meters away. Although it was a

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