Shooting Low and to the Left!

Shooting to the leftHave you ever gone to the Hand Gun range and found that you are just not hitting your target where you want to?  Why am I hitting low and to the left, you keep asking yourself?  Well, I am here to help you achieve your goal with some quick marksmanship tips to help you.

Shooting to the left-2

First thing when shooting a hand gun is that there are fundamentals you need to practice every time:  Stance, sight picture, sight alignment, grip, breathing, trigger control, follow through.  Remember consistency is the common element that links them all together.

Right-Handed shooters

Slackening the elbow joint during firing

Applying too much or too little finger to the trigger.

Jerking the trigger

Canting the weapon to the left and allowing the barrel to drop.

Resting the forefinger against the shaft.

Not concentrating on the sights (front sight out of alignment to the left).


Left-Handed Shooters

Applying too much thumb pressure on the weapon.

Not concentrating on the sight (front sight out of alignment to the left).

Squeezing the whole hand with the trigger pull.

Jerking the trigger.

Slacking the wrist during firing.

left 1

Note: there are several times I have seen people just shoot low, and this is because they anticipate the recoil of the weapon.  TRY not letting the explosion of the round drop your muzzle.  One way to fix this is to while pointing the weapon downrange, depress the trigger slowly to the rear until the weapon fires and cycles itself.  Then slowly let the trigger come forward until you hear the Disconnector (click) and then repeat.  This allows muscle memory and helps with the unexpected explosion (fixing the anticipating the recoil)


Practice hard and until next time.


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