Intro to the Bulletproof jacket in style – with videos

What the!! Every time I turn on the news, I hear of another active shoot!  I do EDC my pistol, but do I need more?  I think I do – Read below!

One thing is on my mind, and I am sure what’s on your mind as well.  When I do my holiday shopping am, I going to run into an active shooter?  Nowadays you really do not know.  To me, I like to be prepared for the season.  Well really anytime!!

So, do I go get my plate carrier and “tac” myself out walking around the malls?  LOL…. Well, I just may do this, until I found a company that sells a bullet-resistant jacket.  I know what you are thinking.  It is going to be bulky, heavy and dorky looking to wear.  Well, this is not the case!  I to at first thought the jacket would be as well, but when I got my hands on it, the decision changed.  I unwrapped the jacket and held it up.  It was so much lighter than I thought!  So, I put it on and let me tell you, it fits so perfect, that I could not even tell I was wearing a bulletproof jacket.

You can not even see my weapon!

The jacket has many features to it (we will talk about those in our next article) But I want to talk to you about the different types of armor you can get with this jacket.  Level 1A will stop 22LR and soft nose .38 caliber rounds. Level 2A will stop most threats you’d encounter on the street, like a short-barreled 9mm, .40 cal, .357, etc. Level 3A is everything from a 9mm coming out of a sub-machine gun to a 44 Magnum.  A 44 magnum 240-grain lead projectile motoring along at 1400 fps. It’s also the highest rating for soft body armor.

One important feature the jacket has is the Velcro center.  It allows you to get the centerline protection that you need in the comfort of the jacket.

One of the other cool features we will also talk about in the next article, is the ability to carry a pistol inside of the jacket on the vest part.  This would be perfect for your secondary weapon.  Why?  Thanks for asking – because if you are in a shootout, you will want the Velcro together to keep your centerline protected, so the primary weapon I would keep in my waistband.

Overall, this jacket was made for the EDC person who wants to protect your family and/or yourself.  Plus, it does not even look like you are wearing a vest.  Check out what BodyGuard has to say about this awesome jacket!

Bulletproof Jacket with Heavy Duty Outer Shell

  • Removable Sleeves give you TWO jackets for the price of one

    Choose between Level 2A and Level 3A Full Wrap, Front and Back Protection

    • Level 2A Protection will stop – ALL short barrel handguns (82% of what is used in violent crime) 9mm, 10mm, .38cal, .40 S&W, .22lr, .380cal
    • Level 3A Protection will stop – ALL  handguns (over 90% of what is used in violent crime)
      9mm, 10mm, .38cal, .40 S&W, .22lr, .380cal, .357 magnum, .45 ACP, .44 magnum, .357 sig
  • Universal Conceal Carry Back-Up System (right and left-handed)

  • All-weather neoprene jacket

  • 5 Year Ballistic Warranty


Tactical Jacket Ballistic Protection System

  • Multiple jackets in one – Modular design allows you to choose from a variety of outer shells to adapt to the weather or change your look.
  • Choose Level 2A or 3A protection
  • Full Wrap Protection
  • Option to wear protection as a vest without the jacket
  • Double-tap centerline protection
  • Adjustable Tru-Fit waist for a secure fit
  • Double conceal carry back up system (for right and left-handed shooters)
  • (2) concealed spare magazine holders

Heavy-Duty Jacket Outer Shell



How It Works:

Where It Protects

The tactical jacket gives you full upper torso protection, with double-tap protection on your center line where the jacket closes. The jacket comes down to about mid-stomach, this is common in protective vests. Most people think it is supposed to go down to below their belt – this is wrong for two reasons. The first is that when you’re under fire you will crouch, giving a smaller silhouette, this drops the protection down to cover your lower abdomen. Second is that you would not be able to sit in it. If the protection went lower, it would ride up and choke you every time you sat down. Needless to say, we still provide the most area coverage possible.

What Is It Made Of?

Bodyguard Personal Protection Features

  • Exceeds NIJ Ballistic Standards for Protection Level 2A and Level 3A
  • Universal Conceal Carry System for any handgun and both right or left-handed shooters
  • Life-saving protection


Which Protection Level Should You Choose 2A or 3A?

Most civilians only need the 2A model. This will give you the life-saving benefit to survive 82% of what you will encounter in the street. You can wear it every day and it’s not going to make you uncomfortable.

However, if you feel you want the SAME protection as Law Enforcement and want to survive over 90% of violence involving a firearm, then get the 3A.

How To Set Up Your Tactical Jacket

The Tactical Jacket is a modular system with conceal carry back up. In this video, we’re doing to show you how to remove the protection, change your outer shell, install your handgun back up and adjust the fit.

Click Here for the bulletproof Jacket


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