Can you handle, “Total Terrain?”

Do you know what “Total Terrain” is?  Well you need to check this out!

Dropping to a knee with the M4 off to the side, thinking of which way I should be going.  Looking to my left I can see a meadow, with deep thick woods off to the right.  Knowing I am being followed I have to make a decision quick.  I stood up quickly hearing noises from behind, I took off to the left heading down through the meadow and off to the rock patch.   I can hear yelling behind me, so I drop into the medium grass and wait until the voices pass.  Laying there for about 5 minutes I get up just enough to look and see no one around.  “Great!”  I get up and take off down towards the rocky terrain.  I found the perfect place!  Waiting there not long and notice two sentry guards walking towards me.   Waiting, waiting – BAM BAM BAM BAM!  double tapped each one before they even knew what hit them.

I decided this was not the place anymore and head over to the wooded area was.  Found the perfect spot and waited there for the next victims.  Didn’t have to wait long, waited until they too were in range and I open up on them…  I here them yelling at me, “stop, stop you win.”  Yes, having this new camo “all terrain” from Rothco was awesome!  I can go anywhere with this camo! Plus, winning this airsoft war!

Can you believe that this kind of camouflage is out there?  I can’t!  Having the ability to run from one terrain to another and knowing you are going to blend in just fine is amazing!  Rothco is the kind of company that is there for you!  They are wanting the new and improved material that not one can help you survive on the battlefield, but survive anything you are involved with.  You can go into these types of environments:


and knowing you will blend in.  Okay, so lets let Rothco tell us just a little bit more about these awesome all terrain camo pants:

Rothco’s Military Camo BDU Pants are made with comfortable, durable poly/cotton twill with a reinforced seat & knees, designed for military and public safety personnel for a long lasting wear. Rothco’s BDU Uniform fatigue pants include 6 utility pockets (2 button down back pockets, 2 front slash pockets and 2 cargo pockets). Additional features of the BDU Fatigue pants include an adjustable waist tabs for a secure fit, button fly, drawstring bottoms. The BDU pants are available in sizes xs – 6xl in regular, long and short. Matching BDU Uniform shirts are available, as well as digital camouflage and solid colored BDU Pants

I know right!  Makes you want to go get a pair!  Believe you me when I say these pants are made to last, endure on any battlefield.  Swing buy Rothco website and get a pair!  See you on the Battlefield…


Click for Rothco

Next article from Rothco, we will test the “Combat Shirt” to see if it  lives up


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