Do you glove up? M-Pact 3 Covert

1Do you have gloves that can hold up when you need them?  In war, on the water or whenever it is needed?  Then read this article and SHARE!

It is Zero dark thirty in a third world country and the helicopter set us down about 2 miles away and we had to hike in.  Kind of a cold night, lucky I was wearing my mighty M-Pact gloves!  These gloves are awesome!  They are durable enough to allow me to pull my trigger as well as  thick enough to keep my hand warm.

We were approaching our target, so we were low and slow.  Our objective was to get in11426656_989869677732474_786838648_n and out quietly and head back to the extraction point.  We identified our target building and made our enter.  Silencers on our weapons made our entry quiet and effective.  Grabbed what we came for and headed off into the darkness.  We noticed a small truck on the side of the road ahead and went to check it out.  Weapons up and assaulted the truck finding out no one was around.  We looked it over and realized the trucks fan had gotten loose and needed to be put back on.  Someone thought it had broken and left to go get help.  I reached into my leg pocket pulling out my multi-tool and tighten the loose bolts to the fan.  You guys know as well as I do that when you take a pair of pliers and it slips off the bolt, where does your knuckles go?  That’s right, into the radiator.  Lucky for me the mighty M-Pact gloves have knuckle protectors and I did not feel a thing!  Thanks Mechanix Wear for these awesome gloves!  Slammed the hood and away we went.


Mechanix wear makes gloves for many people in the world, but they do support the Military and understands what it takes to not only to make us cool, but to take care of our hands.  Way to go Mechanix Wear!

I can not tell you how MANY times my knuckles were saved by these mighty M-Pact gloves.  Stop letting me tell you about the, let’s read what Mechanix Wear has to say about them:

The mighty M-Pact® 3 provides military and law enforcement mechanix-wear-mpact-3-covert-glove-cayote-tan-1professionals with full-coverage hand protection in the field. A dense one-piece Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guard is anatomically designed to absorb forceful impact to the back of the hand and improve overall mobility during hard-charging operations. The outside of the thumbs and fingers are protected by 3mm EVA accordion padding, while the low-profile Thermoplastic Rubber top closure creates a secure fit to the wrist. The M-Pact 3 features internal fingertip reinforcement for extreme abrasion resistance and embossed patterning for added grip where you need it most. The two-piece palm construction reinforces high-wear areas and reduces material bunching to preserve dexterity when handling firearms. Imported


  1. mechanix-m-pact-3-ultra-knuckle-protection-2015-photo-2Anatomically shaped one-piece Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard provides impact resistance.

  2. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) top closure creates a secure fit to the wrist.

  3. 3mm EVA accordion padding reduces impact to the thumb and fingers.

  4. Internal fingertip reinforcement provides extreme abrasion resistance.

  5. Embossed and textured fingertips and palm provide added grip.

  6. Two-piece palm reinforcement provides added durability.

  7. Thumb reinforcement panel provides added durability.

  8. Durable synthetic leather palm.

  9. Nylon pull loop.

  10. Machine washable.

Impact Protection
Molded Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guard provides impact resistance.

Reinforced Fingertips

Internal fingertip reinforcement provides extreme abrasion resistance

What an awesome glove right!  Head over to Mechanix Wear and check out what they have for you!  Until next time…………

Click here for Mechanix Wear



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