SOG’s Pillar in action

As I creep low and slower than ever reaching my target, I can see the cold air in the guy’s breath exhaling out of his

mouth.  I stopped my movement forward as I watched him take the last puff of his cigarette before he threw it to the ground.  Just then, he takes a step forward and turns around and our eyes connect.  He raises his weapon in my direction, not knowing I had my SOG Pillar tactical knife in my hand ready.  I grabbed his rifle and moving it off-center, slicing upward with the knife cutting his forearm.  As he let go of the rifle with his bleed arm, my motion with the knife coming straight back down sinking the blad behind his right collarbone dropping him to the ground.  I reversed the grip on the knife using the butt end of the handle which was made for striking and gave one hard blow to the base of the skull, knocking out the guy.  I holstered the knife after seeing the guy passed out on the floor and moved to my position.

First thought!

SOG’s full tang tactical knife, “knife ” has a 5-inch blade with an overall length is 9.9 inches with canvas Micarta grips. The blade is 0.16 inches thick and the steel is made of CPM S35VN, which is known as extremely tough and wear-resistant steel.  It is very corrosion-resistant steel.

I found while knife fighting with the Pillar that it to be a very durable and a solid good knife. The micarta handles fit perfectly in my hand as I swung it around doing the 12 fighting angles.  The Pillar has a nice cutout near the blade guard to allow for more of a grip.  Those tactical knife fighters with an extra-large hand would be able to maneuver the handle well.

The sheath is made of Kydex, paired with a multi-mount clip system.  Like most sheath made of Kydex, the knife can go through the mud, water, sand and etc. and still pull out and rock & roll.

SOG offers a Lifetime Warranty on their knives. Their website admonishes customers to “keep in mind that this warranty does not cover an item that is damaged by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations, accident, or normal wear and tear as determined at our discretion…

The Pillar is pricey but worth every penny.  Think of it this way!  If you do not pay good money for a knife, then you are getting a cheap knife.

Final Thoughts

One of the best knives I have held during knife fighting  Small, but not too small and an outstanding grip to hang on to the knife.  I’m just flat-out impressed with this blade. Another SOG in my collection.  Like I said, I have taken SOG on all my deployments and will continue to do so.

Check out what SOG has to say about the Pillar:

Based around superior CPM S35VN steel, SOG’s USA produced knives offer improved toughness, better edge retention, higher resistance to wear and edge chipping while maintaining ease of sharpening. The USA-made Pillar is fully-equipped with a full tang CPM S35VN steel blade with a stone wash and machine ground finish, canvas Micarta handle, and Kydex sheath with an adjustable low-profile, locking mount. This workhorse fixed blade is built to handle any task. The canvas Micarta handle offers superior grip in wet or dry conditions and looks better the more it is used. Item UF1001-BX


“The SOG Pillar is a high-quality knife that can be used for camping as well as tactical situations. The full tang steel blade features a stone wash and machine ground finish, which makes it a gorgeous addition to your collection. The canvas Micarta handle is a joy to hold and the low-profile sheath adds a touch of stealth.” – Popular Mechanics, April 2017

Serious situations often require a serious knife

The feature-rich American-made Pillar is ready to take care of business, no matter the mission.
UF1001-BX story main 1

Large format fixed blade

It’s not a small knife. It’s not a cute knife. The Pillar is a big, burly, American-made fixed blade that’s made for big jobs.
UF1001-BX use lifestyle

Hard use fixed blade takes anything you can throw at it

Large format fixed blade designed for rugged use. Features full tang blade, a glass breaker on the canvas micarta handle and American-made S35VN steel.

Functional and amazing looking


The sturdy S35VN steel blade features a beautiful stone wash and machine ground finish,

S35VN steel


S35VN is advanced steel, with vanadium and niobium carbides that provide high degrees of toughness and wear resistance.



Rugged and offers superior grip in wet or dry conditions.




BLADE LENGTH          5″


UPC                                729857006583

IS PREORDER               N/A



PRODUCT TYPE           Fixed Blade


PACKAGING                   Presentation Box

ENGRAVABLE                 Yes

FINISH                             Stone Wash/Machine Ground Edge

EDGE TYPE                     Straight


BLADE SHAPE                Clip Point

SPINE TYPE                    Straight

HANDLE MATERIAL     Canvas Micarta

HANDLE COLOR           Black

HARDNESS                     Rc. 59-61


SHEATH COLOR            Black



                 Click here for SOG

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