Warrior Hat from Kryptek

Now we are talking!  Check this out

Seriously man!  What are you thinking?  Do you need shade or what!  

It was 1530hrs, the wind was at half value towards 11 o’clock and the sun was position low and angled just

in front of me.  It felt like the sun has been beating down on me all day inside this ghillies suit and it was only 102 degrees today in the shade.  Sweat beads were pouring down from my forehead as I tried to focus through my rifles scope.   I turned my Kryptek hat backwards so the brow would not interfere with the scope.  Still breathing slow and steady, I waited for my spotter to verify my range to target.  My spotter was lying to my left side, concealed with me and lying as close as he can be without being right on top of me.  Steve (my spotter) verified the same range to target, as I had it dialed in on my scope.  He let me know I had a, “greenlight” to shoot; I made one more small adjustment with my head by adjusting my cheek on this cheek rest making sure I had a clear picture view in my scope, “steady,” I was thinking to myself as I kept my crosshairs on target downrange.  I was waiting for the right opportunity to arise in my breathing to take the shot.  I ready myself by placing my right index finger on the trigger, slowly depressing it to the rear. 

I calmly took in a breath of air and slowly released it.  About midway through my breath, I held it ever so slightly, depressing the trigger slowly to the rear waiting for the surprise bang to go off, when all of the sudden “BANG” feeling the rifles recoil forcing the buttstock back and into my shoulder as the round leaves the muzzle.  I kept the rifle as tight as I could, making sure I followed through with the last shooting fundamental, getting back on target as quickly as I can and finishing exhaling my breath.  “Direct hit,” Steve whispers to me, looks like you passed with flying colors.


Hahaha! passing the range phase at sniper school is a great achievement in itself.  What better way to do it then to have a hat that will last.  Kryptek makes and does wonders with concealment, but when it come to protecting you head.  Well that’s a whole new story:



The Warrior Cap features helmet patch on the front. Available in highlander, mandrake, raid and typhon.

One of the cool things that Kryptek does is outshine the competition with quality, unique patterns and more.  As you can see I got mine in the Raid version.  What type will yours be?  Head over to Kryptek now and pick out yours.  I dare you.  Until next time….

Chick here for Kryptek



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