Are you shooting to “High?”

shooting-highOkay, here we are, out at the range and spending all this money on ammo and I am still shooting high! Why?  What can I do to correct it?  Well I can help you with this from a Gunners Mate view.   First you need to know that no matter what is wrong with you, you really need to get back to the basics! Basics are so important that if you slow it down (slow is fast) and think about the mechanics of your body structure, you too will overcome this issue.  So what are some of the problems we find with shooting high?

  1. Pulling back on the weapon when firing
  2. Not concentrating on the sight (front site focus)
  3. Breaking the wrist up.
  4. Pushing the grip forward from the bottom before depressing the trigger sending the muzzle high

Now if you’re asking yourself is this for the left handed people or right?  Well, to tell you the true, it is really both of you! When you are shooting high whether you are a left or righted shooter, the consistence of shooting high is constancy. So, I want you to think about is all the fundamentals, body form, focus and etc.  The rest will follow and before you know it, you too will be a great shot.  Practice, Practice and for goodness sake Practice!!  Until next time

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