Did I say Lucid? That’s right!

Okay, so this scope is amazing!  Do you know Lucid?  Well you need to read this article!

As a Sniper, Long Range Precision Shooter or an EDM (Expeditionary Designated Marksman)there is the constant change of environment you have to shoot in.  Do I need the ghilli’s? Is it Urban? or what? But you learn pretty fast of what you need in today’s society and that is what is happen today.  I am scanning an area from inside this room, looking out of the window making sure I cover the Military unit below.  We are in a small town just outside Baghdad and it is hotter then Hell itself.  I have my trusty rifle as well as my new L5 6-24×50 Rifle Scope I had gotten from Lucid.

There is all kinds of scopes you can have, but sometimes it comes down to preference.  Well, this time I choose not only preference, but size in MM and quality.  I have heard a lot of great things about Lucid and wanted to see if they can live up to what they say.  I have used the L5 6-24×50 Rifle Scope on the range, sighting it in and was very impressed so far.

So there I was, in the middle of the room with the rifle on the table as I prepared for2-lucl-62450-l5_1 anything to happen.  Just then, my spotter informed me that there was a guy on the cell phone about 450 yards out.  I moved the scope in that direction and identified the same thing.  Then I could see he had something else in his other hand.  I adjusted the scope and saw that he was holding what appeared to be a detonator and looking in the direction of the Military unit.  We called down to the unit to let them know as well as the TOC.  We were given a green light.  We verified range to target again.  I made my last eye relief with no shadowing.  Depressing the trigger to the rear removing any slack in the trigger and pulled…….

Sorry folks the next few minutes are classified!  lol………..  What an amazing scope!  This L5 6-24×50 Rifle Scope from Lucid took a beating and still came out on top.  But do not take my word for it.  Read what they say about it:

L5 6-24 SideL5 Rifle scope offers precise and repeatable 1/8MOA windage and elevation adjustments on lockable and re-zeroable turret tactical style turrets. The side parallax adjustment combined with the ocular diopter adjustment provides a crisp target image over the entire magnification range. The L5 Reticle is a precise MOA measuring devise with 2MOA increments below the rifle’s zero and meaningful windage values built in this rifle scope. This optical package simply makes longer shots possible.

DSC_0839   DSC_0838

Not much to say right!  Well it is not something you can talk about.  It is more like something you have to experience for yourself.  Preference is the name of the game and this is one preference you will like over and over again.  Swing over to their website and order one today!  Until next time down range!

Click for LUCID



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