Unique-AR custom handguards to blow you away part 1

When you are looking to build that custom rifle for the first time, where do you start?  Well, the first place I started was with Unique-AR’s.  They are there to help you create your ultimate dream rifle.  One of the best thing I ever did was call up Unique-AR and ask them to help me build.  I will tell you I got on their website and looked through their gallery, which took me hours!  They had so many designs and ideas that I took a couple of different ideas and made my own.  Trust me! once they took my idea and made the approval design it was heaven from there.  Check out my two designs:

As you can see in this first one, I took a slogan I liked and had the American flag behind it.  Plus I added the screaming eagle in a rustic old faded color.




Perfect size for the rifle rifle theme I am doing, which will be in a later article.  Okay you twisted my arm, I am doing a Trump rifle.  Sorry everyone if you do not like it.  MOVING ON, on my second one

You can see I added a bone frog and a trident along with the good American flag!  A great present for my Dad who is getting up there and graduated from Bud/s Class 54.  Well deserve item here.  Look at the work of art they machined and colored.

Here is a few words from Unique-AR’s:

Thank you for your interest in a custom handguard. Our design process is simple. Just provide us with your design and/or concept and our design department will draft up a virtual sample for you to take a look at, free of charge.  If you decide to move forward with ordering, we do require a $100 non-refundable deposit to be made prior to continuing the process. Once you have made the deposit, you will be working directly with your designer until you are completely satisfied and approve the final design for production. Production lead times are typically 4-6 weeks once we receive your final approval.

Well, I can not wait until you see how the rifles turn out!  Stand-by


Click here for Unique-AR’s

2 thoughts on “Unique-AR custom handguards to blow you away part 1

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