Have you been stung by the Scorpion – Fighting Video

dsc_0070-2Are you a knife fighter like myself?  Well, whether you are a fight fighter, person who carries knives or a collector, you really need to check this out!

Have you noticed that most knives follow the public’s opinion? Meaning that the more odd something looks the better it is?  Well, keeping up with the times TOPS knives has come up with a knife that takes the sting out of the Scorpion.  It is TOPS knives 10/27! A loosely base Karambit, with a design like no other!   Let’s see how it plays out in a battlefield!

dsc_0081  dsc_0083

So you are squared off with your attacker and you see that he is prepared to attack you with a number 1 angle of attack.  (which most of the time he will follow up with the angle number 2)  You step back just enough to be out of the box of the attack (zone theory principles) missing the first strike.  Then as he preforms the angle number 2 you step in behind the arm.  Meeting the force as you shuffle in.

dsc_0084  dsc_0085

Now, there are (key moves here) that are very important, that you can not see them in the video.  1st one is as follows.  You block the angle 2 attack, you need to block on the elbow.  (See in the picture above).  This makes sure he can not turn his angle and cut your arm.  Plus, you are making contact for control.

dsc_0086-2   dsc_0089-2

When you block the strike you can use the knife to cut the back of the arm as well. Or drop the knife on the inside of the arm (see picture above) and using your elbow, fold his arm into the knife.  This is a great vantage point, because you can either control and cause pain or cut the tendons in the arm for control that way.  Then with you left hand, grab the back of his shirt, vest, hair or whatever you can grab.  While maintaining control with your grab, “C” step with your right leg

dsc_0089-3  dsc_0094-2

up and around his right leg.  (as you can see above)  The key here is to step as far as you can between their legs in order to bend their knee to take them off balance.


With pressure on their arm with the knife in the bend of the arm.  Plus moving your elbow in towards their face will make them off balance allowing you to take them down.  As you can see above.


Once you have them down to the ground, take the knife to the throat area.  Now, for more control drop your right knee into their rib cage.

dsc_0104-2        dsc_0109-2

Now, you know the hidden moves and what to do?  Let’s see the video to put it all together.




elpn-x1-caLoosely based on common karambit designs, the TOPS “10/27” is definitely a unique approach. The angles and shape of the knife are perfect for the reverse grip popular with karambit knives, but you can use it quite easily in a traditional hammer-style grip as well. Slashing and ripping cuts are performed quickly to make this knife dangerous in the right hands.

TOPS “10/27” was built in true TOPS form. It is sizable and powerful, yet comfortable to hold and use. The handle profile along with the G10 scales make it easy to deploy. The deep groove near the blade, as well as the index finger hole, which is ample for very large hands and smaller hands, help avoid slipping and provide a secure grip. Our New Tactical Stone coating completes the package. TOPS “10/27” is sure to intimidate any opponent, especially in self-defense situations. No one messes with a TOPS knife.




Knife Type

Fixed Blade

Overall Length


Blade Length


Blade Thickness


Blade Steel

1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish

Tactical Stone

Handle Material

Black G10

Handle Style

Rocky Mountain Tread

Knife Weight

6.8 oz

Sheath Included


Sheath Material

Black Kydex

Sheath Clip

Rotating Spring Steel


Leo Espinoza

dsc_0074-3Can you beat that!  Awesome fighting technique and fighting knife!  Look to TOP for all your knife fighting needs!  Head over there now and get lost!  Until next time….

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