A Law Enforcement’s view on the DSG holster


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Having worked in law enforcement on a tactical team I have become accustom to overtly carrying my sidearm.  This typically consisted of outside the waistband (OWB) holsters or dropdown thigh rigs.  Even when I was dressed for covert concealment, I still chose OWB holsters.  However, in today’s world, I was looking for a new more concealable rig that could be removed without accessing my belt.  I’ve tried inside the waistband (IWB) holsters before with little luck.

img_1560            img_1562

They are both uncomfortable to me and I have a harder time with my draw presentation.  I’ve ordered several things from DSG Arms in the past and I was ALWAYS impressed with their customer service.  Let me say that again, their customer service is top notch (which is hard to find these days).  So rather than spending the $100 some other kydex manufacturing companies are charging, I figured I would spring for the DSG Compact Discreet Carry (CDC) IWB holster.  At $49, I figured I could just return it if I didn’t like it.  Upon receiving the holster and magazine holster, I threw my subcompact handgun in it and tried it on.

First impression was it sits very comfortably on my hip.  It’s small reminding me almostimg_1561 of a “minimalist” holster.  It covers the handgun without any additional material protruding in any direction.  It’s belt clip seems sturdy to withstand draws without coming loose allowing quick and convenient wearing but also the option to remove without unbuckling my belt.  After using this holster for several weeks and writing this article, I’m surprised to say this but it’s more comfortable than the OWB holster I have been using.  As with any IWB, handgun presentation will need a little work.  It’s an adjustment for me, so as with any change in equipment, drawing will take some practice to perfect.

DSG has a ton to say about it!  Check it out:

Compact Discreet Carry (CDC) – Inside Waistband (IWB) Holster


  • Adjustable cant
  • Upright/vertical for appendix – forward for behind the hip
  • Smooth texture for comfortable carry
  • Rubber mounted easy-on and off belt clip
  • Belt clip designed for positive retention
  • Belt clip is for 1.50″ belts (1.75″ belt clip available for separate purchase)
  • Adjustable Weapon Retention
  • Engineered sight channel for night sights
  • Smooth Draw

ADJUSTABLE CANT & RETENTION: Holster is delivered in an upright/vertical cant. Adjust holster cant by loosening screw on right side of belt clip and re-positioning the left-side belt clip screw to the second available hole. Tighten both screws snugly after adjusting cant. Adjust weapon retention by tightening or loosening the two tension screws on lower right-side of holster.

Overall, I would highly recommend this holster for someone looking to have a “minimalist” IWB holster and I would encourage people to shop at DSG Arms as they have some of the best customer service in the industry.

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Click here for DSG

DSG Arms



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