Tactical Vest in time of need

NcStarAwesome vest!  This is one review you need to read!!  Check it out and SHARE.

I have been a SWAT Officer for sometime now and I am always looking for the newest and best gear I can find.  NcStar has a lot of items they sell and I really enjoyed their stuff I have gotten from them before in the past.  So, I took a chance and bought a Tactical Vest from them to see.  The vest comes with the holster, but I liked a different one and asked if they could change it out.  “Of course they said.”  Great!   Once it arrived you know we always have to make it our own, by adjusting the gear to work for what I needed it to work for.

So it brings me to where I am right now!  I am in the forest looking for a guy who hasNcStar been shooting up live stock and even shot a couple, who he claimed was trespassing.  This guy was wanted for murder and was on the run.  We tried several times to track him down, but was unsuccessful.  This time it was an all out man hunt.

I was walking in the woods 25 yards from my partner when all the sudden I hear a gun shot from right behind me.  I felt a sting sensation, as the bullet grazed my leg putting me down on one leg.  My partner turns around and yells, “freeze Police” as he points his weapon behind me.  Next thing I know, I felt someone grabbing the vest in the back next to my neck and tells me to drop my gun.  As I do, I can hear my partner and the guy behind me arguing back and forth.  I reach for my pistol that was in the holster attached to my Tactical Vest on my chest.  Pulling out the pistol and I immediately turn to face the guy, twisting and falling to my back I fired my pistol……….

Sorry folks, this has to be a rated “G” article!  Anyway, this Tactical Vest I got from NcStar is very comfortable, adaptable to my needs and has ever pouch I could think of to help me in any situation!  Way to go NcStar.  I really like the belt attachment to the bottom of the vest.  It keeps the vest from riding up on me when I am moving around or climbing through things.  Check out what NcStar has to say about it:

• Fully adjustable Tactical Vest that helps keep your shooting gear ctv2916g-02organized for easy access, so that your shooting gear is right where you need it when you out in the field.
• Heavy Duty Front Zipper and 2 adjustable Quick Fastener Buckles makes it easy for you to get into the vest for secure fit
• 3 Adjustable Side Straps on each Side of the Tactical Vest to ensure a Secure Custom Fit to your body
• Tactical Vest Length is adjustable via Triple Shoulders Hook and Loop panels to adjust the how low the Vest hangs on the Torso
• Back panel also includes a Heavy Duty Rescue Drag Handle and Loop patch for Name Tapes and Moral Patches
• Inside Back Panel has a compartment for Hydration Bladder, Hydration System Compatible (Bladder Not Included)
ctv2916g-05• Includes Heavy Duty Pistol Belt Attaches Securely to Vest with Belt Keepers to keep everything in place
• Pistol Belt includes two Pistol Pouches with Quick Connect Buckle Flaps, Can also be used for Multi-tool, flashlight, folding knives, etc..
• Constructed of Tough PVC on Top of Mesh Webbing for Maximum durability, Mesh material will help keep you cool
• This is the Regular Size Tactical Vest – Fits Medium – XL T-Shirt sizes
• Small (XS-S) and Larger (XL-2XL+) Sized Tactical Vest are also available

Unbelievable vest huh?  Well, for all you tac guys out there!  Grab a Tactical Vest from NcStar for continence and comfort when in fighting mode!  Until next time

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