As a spy, are you using the right tools? Sparrow Locks

Good afternoon Gunner’s Mate, If you choose to except this mission……  How cool would it be to be a spy?  Read below and it’s a start..

There I was (hahaha) in the bar of the local hotel tracking a potential suspect that could create global threat.  I see my target take a couple of sips from his glass at the bar as he nods his head up and down as if he was agreeing with someone.  Just then I looked across the room at the other end of the bar and see another individual get up from the bar and started walking out.  Just then my suspect got up and followed in the same direction.  I got up and started following both of them.  I saw they walked up a long stair case that went to the second floor rooms.  I followed closed behind watching the two men connect in the hallway and enter a room.  I went up to the room and grabbed my Walter PPK out of my shoulder holster and got it ready.  I then reached into my left dinner jacket pocket and grabbed my mini Jim I picked up from Sparrows Locks.  I immediately placed it into the right spot (between the door and door frame).  I took a deep breathe and then exhaled it and pushed the door open easily.  I entered and…. Ladies/Gentlemen, we have to keep the imaginary image alive right!

One of the cool things to know, is that having a friend who is like Q for James Bond to supply you with all the breaching tools you need is the greatest thing ever.  Being a spy, covert agent, technician or whatever the government says you are.  Find yourself your own Q.  Reach out to Sparrows Locks to see what they have for you.



The Sparrows Mini Jim will be your go-to tool for opening a locked door latch. The profile of the tool makes it ideal for this task and the size of the tool allows you to carry it in your gear bag even if you aren’t sure it will be needed. You will however find that this tool is often all it will take to open a locked door giving you and your team access covertly and quickly.

  • Hand Held Slim Jim Type Tool
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Quickly Open Locked Door Latches
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 0.75″

Below is the tool kit I got from Sparrows Locks.  One of the best investments.  Until next time!  Stay safe out there………………


Click here for Sparrows Locks

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