Never leave home without it! Armor’s Tool

Coming from a Gunner’s Mate for NSW then you need to listen.  If you like guns and working with assault rifles, then this is a review for you!  Read it and share it!!

What is the number one thing you need on the range? I know a lot of you probably said, “Ammo.”  Well, true but if you do not have the right tool to adjust your sites then you are wasting a lot of ammo.  Check this read below and go pick one up!!  110609-N-PM781-186As I sat there qualifying with the new Navy quals, it has come to my surprise that it was not at all my trigger finger, muzzle control or any of the other body mech’s.  It was all about the site.  Site adjustment is sometime the root of all evil!  So here are two tools you will need to carry with you.






This smartly designed tool makes front sight adjustments quick and easy. The stainless steel shaft is knurled to create no-slip leverage when turning tight posts. It works on both A1 & A2 front sights and the compact design won’t clutter up your bag.



Magpul® Armorer’s Wrench – AR15/M4

The Magpul Armorer’s Wrench – AR15/M4 is an American-made, extremely durable, solid steel tool that’s comfortable to grip. Engages both stock and pin-style barrel nuts. Fits standard sized flash hiders. Installs and removes rifle receiver extensions and carbine castle nuts, and has extended teeth for use with ASAP® plates. Includes two hammer faces.

The Magpul Armorer’s Wrench works with a 1/2″ torque wrench, and relevant torque specifications are included on the tool for quick reference. Convenient Bottle Opener for refreshments after the build is complete (fits both Metric and SAE bottle caps).


There you go!  Go to your favorite gun store and pick up the tool you need.  Until next time.

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