“RRRRRRR” The AR gun build part 1 – Offhand gear

Hey, all you gun fanatics out there!  Are you wanting to build an AR?  Something different than the “norm.”  Well, then you need to check this article out in this spectacular Two-part series.

After so many years of shooting the classic M4 in the Military and buying the AR in stores, I thought it was about time to buy parts and piece the AR I really wanted.  Something unique and I can call my own design.  This way I can turn heads at the range.  I got this awesome design with skulls.  I made the entire rail pure black with only the skulls cerakote.  The reason why is because I wanted the skulls to stand out on my rifle when it is all together.  Offhand gear has tons of unique rails to choose from and in different colors.  I can tell you they go out of their way to make sure you get what you want!  Great customer service and one awesome custom made rail.  I do suggest you head over to their website and see what they have for you.  Stick around for part two when the rifle is complete.

Check out what Offhand gear has to say:


Pictured in Battleworn Gold Cerakote

No matter what kind of woman you are, if you want to definitively convey the message that you’re an absolute badass, then you’ve come to the right place. Seriously, who wouldn’t be at least a LITTLE intimidated by an AR15 handguard with a vine full of skulls?

They might not be the skulls of your enemies, but it’s the next best thing – this AR15 handgrip features a beautifully intricate skull design, and overall, the grip is much smaller than the typical AR15 that was designed for men in combat. It also features pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom, perfect for our custom Picatinny rail (sold separately) and ripe for the mounting of your favorite accessories.

Finally, it’s lightweight as hell, made from 6061 t6 aluminum and more than ready to face any situation you find yourself in. Maybe you’re just hitting the range to get some practice in, or maybe you want to spend some time crouching in the blind, waiting for that perfect kill. Either way, you need to look good doing it, so rock this skull handguard and take your firearms game to a whole new level. You’re no man, you’re a feminine rockstar, and you’re revolutionizing this sport one way or another. Why not do it in style! Go ahead and order your OffHand Gear Skull Vine AR15 Handguard today!

  • Available in 3 sizes, 9″ (1 skull), 12″ (2 skulls) and 15″ (3 skulls)
  • Weight in raw – 6.6oz, 8.6oz and 10.2oz
  • Free float design
  • Smaller diameter fits smaller hands better (2″ exterior / 1.75″ interior)
  • Beveled edges makes for a smooth finish, rings and gloves don’t hang up on.
  • Made from 6061 t6 aluminum
  • Includes AR15 barrel nut and mounting screws
  • Pre-drilled and tapped on both top and bottom. Picatinny / tac rail available (sold separately)
  • CeraKote brand color coating. Comes in black as a stocked color. For other CeraKote color please see color chart and include color name and number in your order notes. (Please allow additional time for this option).
  • Please note that a low profile gas tube will be necessary for installation.
  • AR10 barrel nut and mounting screws available as an upgrade
  • MOE Duo not available in Blackberry Pearl at this time.

Common Questions:

“Is there a warranty on the handguard?”

Yes – Lifetime Warranty

“Do I have to use a low profile gas block?”

Yes, any low profile gas block will work though.

“Do I need any special tools to install this onto my rifle?”

No, you can use any standard armorer’s wrench to install the handguard.

“Will this fit my AK47?”

No, unfortunately, it won’t 😦  Not to say we might have that available one day, but right now sorry to say it is not.

“I want to mount a scope on my AR, can I do that?”

Yes, you can with the use of our tactical rail pieces.  These are designed specifically to work with smaller radius of our handguards.  You can shop the tac rail options here.

“Will this fit on my Airsoft rifle?”

Yes, if your Airsoft rifle has a standard mil-spec threaded upper – Mil-spec standard is 1.250″ x 18 tpi.


Click here for Offhand Gear

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