Can First Tactical V2 Tactical Pants withstand the test?

img_1613Are you looking for some great tactical pants?  Have you heard of First Tactical?  Well, you need to check this out!

I can feel the sweat running down my face.  I did have a hat on, but it wasn’t doing that good anyway.  Could it be the sun causing the sweat or the

pressure that is about to come?  One thing for sure is I was ready no matter what was going to happen next.  I hear a faint voice call out through the ear pugs I had in my ears, “shooter ready?”  I was looking downrange, focusing on what I need to do.  I nodded my head up and down letting the judge know I was ready.

“HONK” was the sound I heard given me permission to go.  I took off in full speed.  I img_1591was wearing a pair of Tactix Pants I got from First Tactical which was surprisingly comfortable.  Coming to a slide to my first barricade, drawing from my holster.  I leaned over shooting to rounds at the steel target.  Direct hits!  Holstering my weapon, I got up and took off to the next barricade.  This time, I had to climb up a small roof barely peeking over the top and firing two more rounds down range.  Sliding off the roof and and headed to the final target!  I could see the barricade coming up and it looks like I have to get into the prone position.  Diving to the ground and then combat crawling under several obstacles, I finally reached the area I needed to be.  Fired off my rounds hitting the target and stood up, taking off to the finish line.

“HONK” was the next sound I heard as I crossed the finish line.  Grabbing my water and wiping the sweat from my brow, I looked down at my Tactix Pants, realizing that these pants are not only comfortable, but I felt they can withstand the abuse I give them when.  Crazy I know right!  Awesome pants – Thanks First Tactical!!

When you think of shooting gear what comes to mind?  Top quality, withstanding the abuse? and of course comfortable and in style.  You need to think of First Tactical!  Check out what they have to say about their Tactix Tactical pants:


  • Durability and ease of movement are key features of quality tactical clothing. First Tactical’s Men’s Tactix Series Tactical Pant is made to move, with its flex action waist and a running gusset through the crotch and inside leg. Flexible and tough durable nylon lining protects multiple utilitarian pockets from wear, while the Teflon® coated fabric resists moisture, stains, and dirt.

    • Modern fit with tactical pant styling
    • 52% polyester, 48% cotton blend
    • 7 oz 2-way mechanical stretch, double ripstop fabric
    • Teflon® stain repellent finish
    • YKK® zipper
    • Prym® snaps
    • Triple needle stitching at critical seams


    Thoroughly tested in the field to meet the mobility requirements of top rated tactical pants, our unique sliding waistband allows extended motion and comfort during activity, with an extended gusset that runs through the crotch and inside leg for non-binding flexibility.


    Three reinforced belt loops, located on sides and center back, stay strong under demanding loads of tactical or law enforcement gear. Durable webbing inserts, triple topstitching, and bartacks at key stress points eliminate concerns of ripping under force, while maximizing strength and security.


    More cargo pockets than most tactical pants on the market, coupled with multiple options for storage, security, and organization, means more gear available on the go. Layers of nylon fabric on the back and side pockets are tightly welded together for increased durability while shedding bulk and maintaining a polished, professional look throughout the life of the pants.




I know right!  What more can you say?  Nothing, Speechless as I was.  Swing over and check out these pants for yourself!  You will be amazed.  Thanks First Tactical.

Click here for First Tactical



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