Pyramyd Air’s Colt M4 Full Metal AEG

How do you fight an airsoft war?  Well Pyramyd Air has this M4 to die for!  Check it out!  DO NOT forget to share…

The sun is starting to go down and here I set in the woods, fully camo out (face included) waiting for what I would call, “The Enemy.”  The next thing I hear off to the right is some.  You know the sound?  The one sound you hear and you do not know if it is a animal, the killer Jason or the enemy you are searching for.  I see them now, it is the enemy I am looking for just far enough that it looks as they are heading my way.  This is great, because I am using my new Colt M4 Full Metal AEG that I got from Pyramyd Air and it is fully charged up.

Closer and closer they come walking up towards my direction.  With my right thumb, I switch the switch from safe to fully auto mode.   Without them even suspecting anything, I jump out of the woods and light them up.  My Colt M4 Full Metal AEG spit the BB’s out in a controlled pattern that I knew this Colt M4 Full Metal AEG standard could handle what I needed.  Thanks Pyramyd Air for it all!  After watching the two enemies wave their hands like they were swatting a swam of bees I took off in the other direction.  Game on!

My first impressions about this Colt M4 Full Metal AEG looks exactly like the Military M4.  With this full metal body upgrades already installed, no need to spend anymore money with it includes it.  Its sighting system also features dual apertures for your convenience.

The externally mounted battery box is a big selling point as it provided maximum convenience while changing the batteries. Fully integrated forward rail system replaces the hand-guard to make this rifle a highly modular weapon platform allowing for the addition of everything you want!  Check out the pros and cons of this awesome weapon system.

  • No Plastic! Metal body construction
  • Pyramyd has it at a great price
  • Rails for attachments
  • Real accurate
  • 8lbs weight
  • No extra magazines

This Colt M4 Full Metal AEG feels and looks like the real thing.  Very durable when being used in the field.  Check out what Pyramyd Air has to say about it:

This semi/fully automatic Colt M4 rifle delivers high-powered shot velocities that put you ahead of your competition on the battlefield. The gun is a 1:1 scale replica of a real M4 and features authentic Colt trademarks on the receiver. This gun also features a 4-position adjustable stock, a high-capacity 350 rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 390-400 fps (using .20g BBs). This rifle is great for cqb airsoft skirmish scenarios and has a Weaver/Picatinny quad rail for mounting optional flashlights and scopes of your choice. An adjustable hop-up unit also lets you hone the accuracy on all of your long distance shots.


  • Semi/fully automatic M4 replica
  • Full metal gear box
  • Full trademarks
  • Adjustable stock
  • High torque motor
  • Weaver/Picatinny rail
  • Adjustable hop-up




Max Velocity

400 fps



Overall Length


Shot Capacity



Smooth bore

Front Sight

Adjustable for elevation

Rear Sight

Adjustable for windage & elevation





Suggested for










Hop Up



Full metal


Body Type



8.1 lbs

Pyramyd Air has all the airsoft needs you need.  This M4 was amazing and you need it for your team!  Head over to their website now and get one.  Until next time……

Click for Pyramyd Air


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