Diamondback Tactical MTAC for an Airplane takedown

d7enlogu4iudhrc572emDo you own a plate carrier?  Do you own the right one?  Check out the Diamondback Tactical MTAC as it is used for the right purpose.  Read this REVIEW!!

As I sat there feeling the vibrations rattled my body sitting on this thin running board on the side of the helicopter, Chief Duerler turns around to us all in this helicopter and holds up two fingers and mouths, “two minutes!”  We all look around at each other and repeat the same thing so everyone knew that was what


photo by Luke Graham

the time was left until go time!  Yep, go time!  You could see everyone around me checking their gear and weapons.  I started doing the same thing, checking my gear and my MP5PDW.  I was wearing a new vest on this OP, it was called the MTAC from Diamondback Tactical.  It fit perfect, low in the front as well covered on my sides.  Of course molle pocks everywhere with enough magazine holders to hold ALL the ammo I needed.  Because you never know when you will be caught off guard when you are out on an operation with good ol’ Uncle Murphy.


 After everyone was done with checking their weapons and gear, again Chief Duerler turns around with his MP5SD3 and with his left hand slaps the side of it hitting the bolt, loading a round in the chamber of his weapon.  Then says, “ready your weapons!”  Just then my stomach drops a little bit from the helicopter lowering it’s altitude fast for this assault.  I  do not know if it was my mind playing tricks with me, but you could hear the sound of every weapon locking a round in the chamber over the rotter blades.  It was the sound of glory you heard.

f8bc126e4b4e16a0216f0f      MTAC

Right then you could see the lights on the plane as it was coming into view fast at the end of the runway.  At this point I am going over the assault plan in my head just to make sure.  I know I have done this time and time again, but no mistakes.   At this point as the helicopter fly’s in, aims for a landing on the wing of the plane.  I could see the other part of the team in the assault vehicles driving up fast on the opposite side of the plane.  Their job was to assault the port side of the aircraft as we assault the starboard side.  Just then the helicopter hovered above the wing when Chief Duerler jumps off the side board about two feet above the wing and takes off towards the the airplanes door.  I follow him in the second position as the rest of the team falls into place behind us.  Chief Duerler reaches the door and connects a small charge to blow it open.  Chief looks and listens for the right time to blow it.  You can hear flash bangs going off in front of the plane to create distraction.  I had in my hand a flash bang with the pin already pulled and ready to deploy once the door open.  Chief then looked at the team to make sure we were ready and then pressed the button to blow the door.  “BOOM” the charge goes off, Chief pushes the door open and I tossed the flash bang in.

hqdefault2 seconds later the flash bang goes off and with a smile on Chiefs face, bolts through the door with me right on his tail.  As like every entry we do, all you hear is yelling and it is complete confusion on the unwilling participants.  For us, it is a precision strike and complete control. As we make our way through the narrow aisle we are yelling, “get down” so we can eliminate the threats as fast as possible.  Up ahead we can see and hear the other part of the team in the front of the aircraft working their sections.  Then the next thing you hear is the all clear sound coming from each man in the team.   We all stopped moving and still looking around for possible threats, we instruct the passengers to how to exit the aircraft.  Next then I see is Chief Duerler looking back at me and said, “Guns, you own me a cold one!”  With a smile on my face we all exited the aircraft as another job was well executed.


Photo by Luke Graham

WOW, that was awesome!  You know the MTAC vest I was wearing from Diamondback Tactical  workout perfectly.  It DID NOT restrict my upper body movement at all.  The MTAC vest did not even feel like I was wearing anything at the time.  Comfortable!  When I got the MTAC, it came with enough pouches that I did not have to purchases any more.  Easy to load magazines as well as taking them out.  The arm openings allowed me to move without bunching up!  Guys/Gals  Check out what Diamondback Tactical  says about the MTAC:


Diamondback Tactical’s Modular Tactical Assault Carrier (MTAC) is a streamlined tactical assault vest, which has scalable, full-coverage protection while remaining significantly lighter than standard tactical plate carriers.

 Diamondback-Tactical-Sizing-Chart-2015DBT-Tactical-MTAC-Side-Pouches-NEW

All Tactical and Concealable Carriers are currently made to order. Diamondback Tactical will contact you to advise when your order will be shipped. Please see our Commercial Shipping Policy for more information.

Diamondback Tactical is the industry leader in professional-grade ballistic armor, carriers and hard armor shields. The trusted choice for America’s elite law enforcement and military operators, and for those who need ballistic protection for personal or professional use. Our NIJ-certified body armor provides the highest level of reliability, fit and performance, giving you the confidence and protection to come home safe, every time.


photo by Luke Graham

Now, how was that action for you!  Did it get your adrenaline going?  Without the right gear, sometimes you just can not complete a mission.  Head over to Diamondback Tactical and pick up the MTAC for yourself.  Until next time…………

                   Click for Diamondback Tactical



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