Can you live up to – “Tactical Walls?”

tactical-walls-full-length-mirror-1450m-bundle-8Do you own one of the best wall safes around?  If not then this REVIEW is for you!  READ it and love it!

Putting the key in the door lock and opening the front door to my home from a long day of work, reaching over to the wall on

my right and punching in the code for the alarm seemed to even be a chore.  I stopped in the living room for a moment to listen to the silence.  Saying to myself, “something
seemed off?” Not understanding at the moment of why, or what so I waited for about a minute or so.  I then continued to walk into the kitchen to grab a quick bite of some leftover pizza.  As I passed by my wall mirror hanging in my living room next to the TV, I took a glance

3b86215521c9cd3ebe8eb1c5d84b47f3of how tired I was and sat down on the couch. Grabbed for the TV remote when all of the sudden I catch a small blur in front of my eye in a downward motion. Instantly, I realized it was a wire! I put my left hand out in front of my throat and caught the noose before it tighten around my neck as the assassin pulled on the wire tight. I hit the assassin with my right hand a couple of times in the face and yanked him over the back of the couch.  As I struggled to get to my feet, the assassin still had a firm grip on the sticks holding the wire together.  I continued to elbow, hit and punch my way three feet to where my mirror was hanging on the wall.  (Why the mirror you ask?) Because it was not just a mirror, but it was my Tactical wall mirror!

I grabbed the magnet key, which was next to the mirror as a decoration.  Pushed the mirror door to the side and there it was my hiding wall safe which contend some weapons.  I grabbed the pistol out of the pocket swung it around close to my side and fired two rounds close range, dropping the assassin.  Right then the wire was loose and I can breathe easy now.  If you hadn’t noticed I am a spy and now I have to E&E (escape and evade).  I owe my life to the Tactical Wall safe!

94cfe86524271498b886cf0e46bb6c46As you can see in the picture, my Tactical Wall is the 1450 Bundle and is the perfect addition to anyone’s home defense solution. Behind the mirror conceals a great storage space that you can place weapons, cash, jewelry, your to-go bag and knowing this will make you feel more comfortable than you will ever know.  But the cool thing is nobody will know it is there.

I contact Tactical Walls not knowing anything about them and Chris one of the owners hooked me up with not only the 1450 Bundle, but answered every question I throw at him!  What customer service.  Tactical states from there website about the 1450 Bundle:

“The concealment cover included in this bundle is the perfection companion to a Tactical Wall Inserts. It was designed to be inconspicuous while still providing a means to access the goods behind it. When closed, it is impossible to tell that it is anything other than a normal mirror. To open, simply slide it off to the side! The drawer slides provide a smooth open and closing.

scottPicsThe cover comes with a magnetic lock. The locking mechanism is completely inside the cover, so nobody can see that it is there. To open, you simply need to pass your magnetic key over the surface of the frame near the lock and it will click open. This design insures that nobody will be aware that your cover is anything but a standard framed mirror.”


One of the best features it can have is the back of the mirror, it has a security panel to prevent access just in case someone breaks the glass what added rigidity and security. Call or email Tactical Walls today and check out all the feature and universal products they have!  YOU WILL NOT BE dissatisfied.

webste:    Tactical Walls


      CLICK HERE —>     TacticalWallsLogo


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