The Gunfighter Belt from TYR Tactical

force-recon-m45cqbpDo you really know how to draw from the holster? Or do you think you know?  Well with the proper equipment and technique you can really learn how!  Read this review!  SHARE!!!!

Here we are in the middle of the desert practicing on how to draw the weapon from the holster.  When all the sudden I see this kid, fumbling with his holster right as I began to yell draw and fire.   I yelled, “the range is cold” as I walked up to this kid to see what was going on with him.  I looked at him and asked if there was

photo by Luke Graham

photo by Luke Graham

a problem?  He responded to me, “just getting the holster ready to fire.”  I told him, “do you know this is a dry fire exercise and you just have to get the technique right?”  He said, “yes Chief!”  I explained to him, “get with it then.”  I walked back to my mark and said, “make ready! Ready? Fire!”  As each one of my line coaches looked on the students to make sure they were learning the proper movement to draw and fire.

After doing that movement several more time, I had all the students lock their weapon slide back to practice some malfunctions.  Just as I gave the order to lock the slide back, I noticed the same kid lock his slide back and saw a live round eject from his weapon, hitting the Sailor standing next to him.  I could not believe it!  But I will have to stop there.  Because if you know any Chiefs and you witness a high risk safety violation on the range, well then you know why I had to stop.

photo by Luke Graham

photo by Luke Graham

See, when we need to find the right equipment to preform the right job, there is only one name comes to mind when you have to draw from the holster!  That TYR Tactical!  TYR Tactical has an awesome line up for gear, and with the right belt you too can draw your secondary weapon with easy.

This one of a kind belt they claim to hold their name has been chosen well.  It is called the “Gunfighter belt.” Why?  Because of the versatile rigger load carriage belt.  It has webbing around the belt as well as a sewn hard point is also provided for either rappelling, safety lanyard.  The buckle is a very unique style system that detaches with pressing the top and bottom leavers.  It really is that quick.

Check out what TYR Tactical has to say about it:

The TYR Tactical® Gunfighter Belt Kit (TYR-GFBKIT) includes a one TYR TYR Tactical® Gunfighter Belt Kit Tactical® Gunfighter Base Belt, Inner Belt and your choice of one Gunfighter Belt.
• The TYR Tactical® Gunfighter Belt (TYR-GFB110) was built to be versatile, providing a combination combination between a rigger and load carriage belt. The base is sewn with high strength Type 13 webbing and a forged steel extraction ring . The exterior is surrounded by 2 rows of 1/2” webbing providing a capability like no other belt available. The removable Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used on the interior of the belt for comfort.  A sewn hard point is also provided for either rappelling, safety lanyard, etc

Small: 32”-35.5”
Medium: 34.5”-38”
Large: 38”-41.5”
XLarge: 42”-45”
2XLarge: 45”-48.5”

Now, isn’t that what you need in the Combat belt!  Or should I say TYR Tactical® Gunfighter Belt Kit!  Swing over to TYR Tactical and order the Gunfighter belt and get it set up today!  Until next time……….

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One thought on “The Gunfighter Belt from TYR Tactical

  1. Dumb question time…how hard is it to break the lanyard that secures the pistol to the holster. I ask because in my novel i have a character take a pistol from a fallen TSA agent after he kills her


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