The Ghost bag for the elite!

What do you want when it comes to a “go bag/Transport bag?”  Well, check out this article to find out!

When I think or a range bag or a “to-go bag,” I look for enough room in the bag and whether or not the bag is strong enough to live up to my outdoor life.
So I reached out to The Grey Ghost Gear for one of their bags.  Let me tell you about my first impression of this bag.  I thought to myself that it was that it’s a solid piece of equipment. The material was very durable/pliable as well as the stitching.  These are the things I look for based on the price I pay for an item.

Guns, ammo, and knives can rip up stuff quickly when you’re in the field.  You are banging around, throwing them on the ground, in and out of vehicles.  That’s why I believe that bag needs to be well made to hold up to the high demand and strain we put on them.  The best news I have had in a long time is that this bag is strong enough to live up to my standards.
You can store several items ranging from Pistols, knives, ammo, extra magazines, PPE gear and etc.   I know what you are thinking?  Does it zip?  You bet it does!  Help keep everything from light rain, dirt to blowing dust out of your stuff!  Especially if you live in Arizona.

The main compartment of the bag has plenty of room.  Did you know that it has additional magazine straps inside of the bag for your magazines? Also, on the other side, it has two zippered mesh pockets for organization.
You know not only can you use this bag for the typical uses, but I also found that you can use this bag for a medical bug-out kit.  Just like adding guns, ammo and etc.  you can add all medical supplies you could use to temporarily control almost any wound until you can get medical personnel there to take over.

The Transport Bag is constructed from 500D Cordura® Nylon and is available in a vast array of colors to suit every need. As long as your needs are Black, Ranger Green, or Tan.”  is what The Grey Ghost Gear says..  Check out what they had to say about the bag!

We took the ‘Go-Bag’ concept and transformed it into a slimmer profile upon request of Law Enforcement and First Responders. The Transport Bag is the ideal size for storing in a vehicle, either behind or under the seats. Should you need to rapidly reacting to a critical situation, the Transport Bag can be easily grabbed and brought into the fight. The main compartment has ample room for a handgun or even a folded PDW/SBR, along with additional magazines, medical supplies, food/water, and other essentials. One wall has two zippered mesh pockets for organization, while the opposite side has a loop panel for attaching a hook-backed holster or pouch, as well as six elastic loops that are perfect for pistol magazines, flashlights, and other similarly shaped items. On the exterior, both ends feature generously sized pouches with hook and loop AND buckle closures that keep the contents secure… even when you’re at full speed. What happens when your rifle starts to get hungry? We’ve got you covered with five rifle mag-sized elastic loops that line the flap pocket, that also work great for keeping a couple tourniquets at the ready. Constructed from 500D Cordura® Nylon, the RRS Transport Bag also has an adjustable/removable shoulder strap as well as dual carry handles so you can bug in or bug out of any scenario.

Volume: 1210 Cubic in.

Weight: 25 oz

Main Pocket

Height: 11 in. Width: 22 in. Depth: 5 in.

Front Pocket

17 in. x 6 in. x 2 in.

Side Pockets

6 in. x 4 in. x 2 in.

Until next time, do not get lost with a sniper without it!

Well, here are my overall thoughts of the bag:

I’ve been using this bag for about a month now as my everyday bag form firearms at the range to putting snacks in it while I drive the Humvee through its courses.  I am very happy with it!  It serves me well in my demand for a bag.  Plus, with the shoulder strap makes it nice when my arms are full of whatever! I have now bought two more bags and put one in my truck as a bag for emergency preparedness.  You know if the truck ever breaks down, stuck in the mud -etc…  You do get a lot of utility and quality for the price you pay. I think everyone should have a couple of these everywhere.  You decide but head over to The Grey Ghost website and pick some bags up now!  Until next time………………………..


About Grey Ghost Gear

Grey Ghost Gear – Tactical equipment for every conceivable mission

At Grey Ghost Gear™ our goal is to provide the professional soldier with the best, combat-proven gear in the world. Our gear designs have been continually combat-tested and utilized in combat for over 10 years and is a direct result of the successes and failures in combat. Collectively, we have learned a great deal from the research and development conducted during combat operations and we have worked hard to implement these lessons learned into our designs. Our gear is lighter, form-fitting and offers the Warfighter more protection than many other comparable manufacturers. This has also allowed the Warfighter to move faster and fight harder than ever before; giving them the competitive edge they need to achieve their objective.

Grey Ghost Gear – Tactical equipment for every conceivable mission


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