Have you Armed your feet? Belleville Boot

kickdoor2_1314826740How well do you protect your feet?  Well, you are going to need to read this review to believe it!

My mind is clear of all distractions tonight.  I have been focusing on what needs to be done and that is focusing on the door in front of me.  It is all lit up from the moonlite shinning on it.  Gripping tight around the forearm grip on my weapon, I look up and see the 5 man team stacking next to the door frame (hinge side) and getting ready to move on my signal.  Tonight, I am the breacher for this mission and when I breach the door, that would be the signal for them to move.

Being in the Military and for what I do for them, I have to protect every part of my body.  Meaning my body, gear and etc.  But if you ask anyone who served they will tell you the most important part of their body is the foot.  Keeping your feet safe and dry will get you home!  So, when you think about any mission, your Tactical gear is great, but how are your boots?  That is where I believe Belleville Boot comes to mind.  I had gotten a pair of SABRE Hybrid Assault boots.  I really could not believe what I saw!  Yes they look like Military boots, but for being bran new sure did look like they had been wore for a couple of years.  So I called up Belleville Boot and asked them if they sent me a used pair of boots?  Belleville Boot told me “no way!”  They take pride in their boots and know how important it is for us to have a great pair of boots.  So, they profected the art of, “ready to wear boots right out of the box.”  Perfect!

Now back to business-  I got the nod that the team is ready to breach,  I moved away from the door frame.  Took aim and with one hard kick (in these SABRE Hybrid Assault Boots) kicked the door open and the team made entry.  Man, I love my job!

I am telling you what! These boots surprised me, by the way they look, feel and well here let’s let Belleville Boots tell you a little about their Assault boots:

USA made and Berry Compliant, the Belleville SABRE is built to provide superior lightweight comfort and breathability in hot weather conditions.  With its special hybrid construction and design, the Sabre is a multi-terrain boot that is responsive to the varying environments in which it’s worn.
633_detailBOOT FEATURES:
  • 100 cattlehide leather & nylon fabric upper

  • Soft, shock-absorbent midsole and exclusive VIBRAM® IBEX low profile outsole designed for improved mobility and maximize traction in rugged terrain

  • Deeply serrated toe and heel bumper to aid in vertical climbing and crawling

  • Vents for increased breathability and drainage to keep boots cool and dry

  • Cool Mesh quick drying and moisture-wicking lining

  • Premium soft removable insole

  • 8” height

  • Made in USA & Berry Compliant

WOW RIGHT!  Who would have thought about taking care our our feet so well?  Belleville Boots that who.  I suggest swinging over to their website and check out the cool boots they have!  Remember, must have a pair of boots with the right outfit!  Until next time……………


Click for Belleville Boots




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