Do you Kill Flash?

downloadIf you are an EDM, Sniper or Long Range Shooter, then you are going to want to see this!  Check it out and share.

I picked up my head ever so slowly to peek at the direction I needed to be at.  Placing my head back down and I continued to skull crawl a few more feet to be exactly where I needed to be.  Once I was in my spot, I went a head and started to build a very quick hide.  Set up the rifle and then started taking yard measurements for distance.  Once I was all set, I waited until it was the right time to strike.

ai-l115a3-longest-sniper-kill-247km-7After a very long day and night, I started to have a little energy bar to help with the hunger I was feeling.  I could see in my scope a little movement in the area my target was to be.  I continued to monitor the situation until more movement was happening.  Next thing I know, I could see my target.  Yes, it was time to rock and roll!  I took my measurements for distance and determined where I was going to take the shot.  My target inched his way over to where I needed them to be.  Bingo!  I slowly pressed the trigger to the rear and felt the explosive recoil of the rifle and I immediately came back on target.


I could see and hear recon fire to find out where I was.  Lucky for me, I was using a Kill Flash to reduce the glare on my scope glass as well as it broke up the signature to keep me hidden!  Way to go US Tactical Supply!  Thanks for keeping me safe!

There are a lot of stores that supply to troops, units and or individual out there.  But there is ONLY one store that only sells top of the line equipment that helps keep us safe.  US Tactical Supply is that store!  Here is what they say about the Kill Flash:

Available Sizes/Models:tns_leupold_50mm

  • 28mm Objective
  • 30mm Objective
  • 36mm Objective
  • 40mm Objective (NSN 6650-01-537-6906)
  • 40mm Objective, TT Cover Compatible
  • 50mm Objective (NSN 6650-01-502-1873)
  • 50mm Objective, TT Cover Compatible
  • 60mm Spotting Scope (NSN 1240-01-553-1853)

Not much to say about it, right?  Why?  We already know it is the best!  Swing over to their website and order now!!!  Tell US Tactical Supply that you know us!!

Click here for US Tactical Supply



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