Gunner’s view on the 12 Gauge Shotgun! Part 2

Gunners mate shotgunSo what did we learn from part 1?  Or did you learn anything?  Well let us go a head and continue with this section on shotguns with the loading techniques:

Let’s talk about the combat loading technique

  • Keep your eyes and muzzle on the target
    • With your weak hand, load the magazine to capacity
  • Then when firing the weapon, you want to:
    • Disengage the safety and when ready, Pull the trigger
  • With any of the techniques above you can
    • Fire the firearm as soon as the first round has been chambered
    • While you are loading the magazine tube
  • Next how do you work the action to the rear?
    • You want to press in the action bar, then release and catch the round being ejected with your weak hand. But once you have caught the ejected round secure it in a pouch / belt if at all possible.

Unloading the ShotgunGunners mate shotgun-1

  • When unloading the shotgun, you want to rotate the firearm 1/4 turn clockwise then:
    • Roll the round fed from the tubular magazine out of the ejection port and try to secure it in a pouch / belt
  • Next, you want to rotate the weapon until the ejection port is facing up
    • Always visually inspect the breech for rounds
    • Run the fore-end forward and rotate the weapon until the magazine loading port is facing up then unload the magazine tube by pressing inward on the shell latches.

Then after unloading the magazine tube, you will want to work the action two or three times to ensure the weapon is completely unloaded.

Okay, so let us talk now about shoulder firing the shotgun:
  • It is the most accurate firing stance? Yes it is! It gives you the most accurate shooting platform you can have standing with the shotgun.
  • When should it be used? Whenever possible!!!!!!
  • So, what you would like to do is place your strong arm parallel with the deck (this forms a pocket in the shoulder) Then pull the weapon stock tightly into the pocket
    • Your strong hand on the pistol grip of the stock or if you have a curve stock. Then place your strong thumb straight along the stock.
    • Next, place your weak arm under the weapon, Cheek held tightly against the stock and your strong eye in line with the sights
    • Note: Very important:   KEEP your forward knee slightly bent and weight forward
  • When the weapon fires, use the recoil momentum to cycle the action.

Now the ready position:

  • High ready
    • Stock held against strong side hip
    • Muzzle at eye level
    • Finger off trigger
    • Safety engaged
    • To go to the firing stance push the weapon slightly forward, bring the stock up to the shoulder, keeping the front sight on target

Gunners mate shotgun-2

So I hope that you have learned or re-learned something about the Shotgun.  Please always feel free to leave a comment!  Remember:  ALWAYS treat a weapon as if it was loaded.  Until next time   stay frosty!

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