Zero Tolerance Model 0909! Practical Application w/Video.

ZT knivesThis is a great review on the ZT knife 0909, as well as the technique using the knife!  Great Job and a must Read!!

When you are a knife fighter like myself, the one thing you look for (if it is a folding knife)in a knife, is how fast can you get it to deploy?  Yes, the knife must be well made and can handle a lot of abuse to go on top of everything else.  But I need to know can it deploy when I need it to.  I was handed the ZT 0909 knife to try it out and see if it can hold up to not only Military standards, but a Tactical Knife fighter as well! So let’s try!

ZT 0909

Carrying the ZT 0909 in my right front pocket as I casually walk down the street.  A man walks right pass me and I noticed something in his right hand.  Then I hear the guy yell at me to turn around and give him my money.  Noticing the (something) in his hand was a fixed blade knife.

  ZT 0909   ZT 0909   ZT 0909

I quickly finished turning around, stepping back with my  right foot and pulling out the ZT 0909 from my pocket and locking it open.

ZT knives                ZT knives

The guy reaches for my should to grab while he tries to jab the knife into my stomach.

ZT knives  ZT knives

I allow the guy to grab my should (by allowing him to grab the should, puts his left hand in check and out of the way).  He then swings his right arm bringing the knife in to my stomach area.

ZT knives    ZT knives

I  redirect his attacking hand with a inward parry.  Allowing his motion to still continue forward and off to my right side.  I do a slicing motion to the top of his forearm with my new Zero Tolerance knife 0909.

After cutting the top of his forearm, I continue to move my forward motion to “C” step forward and around the leg (even if the leg is not there) bringing my motion back into him, while sticking the blade into the side of his ribs stopping the fight.

ZT Knives   ZT knives

The only way to see this attack, is to watch it in fast motion to get an idea of it.  Now we will be using training knives for safety.  Watch the video:

Now you understand how the movement is.  This is a great knife!  Zero Tolerance does it again with a well made folding knife!!
Wow!  I do think I am in love!!  Did you know that ZT (Zero Tolerance) has an awesome selection of outstanding designs?  You can read about the knife above, the Model 0909 below from ZT knives:

Zero Tolerance and Les George have teamed up once again to create the new 0909. Les went back to his roots in designing the 0909, basing it on his popular Talos, which, in turn, was a production version of Les’ first custom knife, the FM-1.


Curves define the 0909. The rounded index finger contour, the machined scoops at mid-handle, and the deep arc leading to the blade tip all combine to give the 0909 its distinctive look. This heavy-duty powerhouse features premium materials like S35VN blade steel, G-10 handle scales, and extra-thick liners. The blade is nearly four-inches of S35VN stainless steel that’s strong, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and tough. This high-end steel ensures the user of a sharp, reliable edge that will last a long time.

0909 ZT

The handle is built of machined G-10, contoured for sure grip and to reinforce Les’ curved design concept. Strong, lightweight, and resistant to temperature changes, this glass-fiber material makes an ideal knife handle. To back the G-10 scales, ZT added extra-thick liners—like the ones found in our classic 0350 series. The beefy liners make the 0909 extremely stable and rigid, as well as providing a secure liner lock that holds the blade safely open during use. Finally, a reversible, deep-carry pocketclip allows the knife to ride comfortably low in the pocket for convenient everyday carry.

So what did you think?  Great folding knife huh?  Well head over to Zero Tolerance Knives website and see what they have for you!  Until next time……

                            Click for ZT Knives





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