Sniper’s Paradise

This right here is the ultimate target you can get if you are a Sniper, EDM or just a Long Range person.  Check this out!

It was 1530 hrs, the wind was at half value towards 11 o’clock and the sun was position low and angled just in front of me.  It felt like the sun has been beating down on me all day and it was only 102 degrees today in the shade.  Sweat beads were pouring down from my forehead as I tried to focus through my rifle’s scope.  Lying here on my stomach flat as I could possibly be, very little movement from my body moving up and down as I was fighting to breathe really slow after running hard for 50 yards to get into this position.  Concealed from anyone who might be standing around me or whoever was looking for me as  I laid there, pressed tight up against the buttstock of the rifle, forcing forward pressure on the bipod legs that were dug into the ground at least ½ inch, holding the front of the rifle steady.  Only my right shoulder and a sock filled with airsoft BB’s (my rifles elevator) was touching the rifle as I was mentally getting ready.

Still breathing slow and steady, I waited for my spotter to verify my range to the target.  My spotter (known as Steve) was lying to my left side, concealed with me and lying as close as you can be without being right on top of me.  Steve was using a 40 X 60 mm High Definition spotting scope ranging targets for me to shoot.  Believe it or not, you can see on a clear cold morning, people or items as far away as 1200 yards with this spotting scope.  Steve verified the same range to target, wind speed, and mirage just as I had it dialed in on my scope.  He let me know I had a, “green light” to shoot; I made one more small adjustment with my head by adjusting my cheek on this cheek rest making sure I had a clear picture view in my scope (no shady area or black sections), “steady,” I was thinking to myself as I kept my crosshairs on target downrange.  I was waiting for the right opportunity to arise in my breathing to take the shot.  I ready myself by placing my right index finger on the trigger, slowly depressing it to the rear taking away any slack that it might have in it. I had gotten very intimate with my rifle to the point I knew how much slack was in the trigger.  You learn this stuff about your rifle as much as you shoot it during the course of instruction.  All I could do now was walk through in my head all the shooting fundamentals I needed to do to make this shot count.   I calmly took in a breath of air and slowly releasing it.  About midway through my breath, I held it ever so slightly, depressing the trigger slowly to the rear waiting for the surprise bang to go off, when all of the sudden “BANG” feeling the rifles recoil forcing the buttstock back and into my shoulder as the round leaves the muzzle.  I kept the rifle as tight as I could, making sure I followed through with the last shooting fundamental, getting back on target as quickly as I could and finishing exhaling my breath.  “Direct hit,” Steve whispers to me as the steel target swings around to the outside of the steel body.

“Nice,” I responded and I took aim again.  This time instead of the red centerpiece for the target, I now get a hostage target!

Really, that’s all I have to say about that!  See what Spartan Armor says:


The Target Man™ “Snipers Paradise” – AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Target

** This version of our target comes pre-welded with a throat. You will need a base and angle iron to use the target. ***

“Snipers Paradise” (named by FaceBook fan Alex A!!) is a 3-stage reactive target system constructed from ballistic grade AR500. This three way target system is perfect for someone to enhance their tactical shooting skills. Here you have a head shot, hostage target, and center mass shot all in one! Perfect for the LEO, gun enthusiast, and even the recreational weekend “plinker”. Get one of the best training aids to sharpen your skills should you ever need to take that “critical shot”.

This kit is available with or without our patent-pending Multi-Purpose Base (MPB) and .22 Mild Steel Paddles. You can also purchase this kit un-welded in our DIY Shooting Targets section.

Our setup is designed to be used with 46″ angle iron with the dimensions of 1.5″x.25″. We sell all of our reactive targets without the angle iron. You can source it locally for $12-$15, or you can buy it separately in the Replacements and Add on section of this site. It’s a more expensive option simply due to the shipping cost. Remember, we want to make this target kit affordable for all budgets. If possible we recommend you source it locally.

Target Specifications…..

  • Target height: 21.5″
  • Target width: 12″
  • Center hole of target diameter: 4.5
  • Center hole reactive paddle diameter: 6″
  • Hostage reactive paddle width: 5″
  • Target comes unpainted.

We recommend using 46″ angle iron for his target.

This is basically a 2/3 scale IPSC

Now see!  This is why Spartan Armor is golden when it comes to targets.  Swing by today and pick one up.


Click for Spartan Armor

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