Do you fight your battles with Kryptek

tumblr_n4526dr84q1s73s0lo7_500Where do you stand when you need clothing to fight!  Well, stand back! Kryptek is on the attack!  Check this out.

Sitting on the edge of the door, feeling the wind hitting my face and hearing the roar of the engine flooding out all the other sound around me.  Knowing at any minute we were going to see the vehicle we were looking for.  Just topping the tree line, I could reach out and touch the trees with my hand that how low the helicopter was flying.  Next thing I hear over the mic was “contact.”  I could now see the vehicle we needed to stop!  Our second tumblr_n4526dr84q1s73s0lo4_1280-1helicopter took off and headed off the vehicle by flying side ways until it was in front of the vehicle making it come to a complete stop.  As the first helicopter did it’s thing, we came in behind the vehicle and as the helicopter almost came to stop in the air, Hudson kicked out the rope and just as fast as the rope came flying out the door, we all came flying down the rope.

I grabbed my M4 that was strapped to my body, pointing it down range towards the vehicle, I was just to the left side behind Chief.  We flash banged the truck and attacked the truck from all sides.  Mission accomplish!



Have you heard the phrase, “take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you?”  Well that is the case here. One of the most important thing to me is when I have all this gear on and the clothes underneath fits perfect.  That helps me maneuver around and doesn’t stop my movement!  Which is so important when you are doing Vehicle Interdiction training.  In the heat of the moment you do not want to find skacc88rmavbild-2013-11-27-kl-22-59-50yourself messing with your clothes and that is why Kryptek is so important to us!

I have found myself going through uniforms like crazy!  Holes being worn in on the knees or a tear here and there.  I am looking for state of the art clothing and Kryptek has done that!  Not to mention the killer camo designs they have come up with.  Don’t just let me tell you about them.  Check out what Kryptek says for themselves:

0001177_tactical-shirt-typhonTACTICAL SHIRT – TYPHON

Featuring a unique dual fabric construction, the Tactical I Shirt consists of a poly/cotton knit body section that
offers an agile and flexible base with moisture wicking and quick drying properties, along with ultra-durable
poly/cotton ripstop sleeve sections that can withstand the harshest environments. Fit allows for base layer
and works as part of a layering system. Clean efficient design and meticulous craftsmanship ensure long
term performance.

Key Features

» Body section is fitted cotton jersey
» Sleeves are poly/cotton ripstop
» 1/4 zip front
» Designed for use with body armor
» Reinforced articulated elbows for free movement
» Two secure upper arm pockets
» 4.25 x 4.25 Velcro® identification patches
No NIR.  This item does not have near infrared signature management. This item is not approved for use according to military specifications for near infrared (NIR) technology.

Click for Tactical Shirt


0001173_tactical-pant-typhonTACTICAL PANT – TYPHON

Poly/cotton ripstop fabric for lasting comfort and enhanced durability that stands up to harsh operational
environments. Spacious fit allows for seasonal layering. Articulation in the knees and seat provide
unrestricted motion. Reinforcements over high stress areas offer protection and long term durability and

Key Features

» Poly/cotton ripstop fabric
» Bartacking at all major stress points
» Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
» Front Cell phone/knife pockets
» Roomy cargo pockets
» Articulated knees with knee pad pockets
» Reinforced double layer seat
» Velcro® ankle cuff closure seals over boots

No NIR.  This item does not have near infrared signature management. This item is not approved for use according to military specifications for near infrared (NIR) technology.

Click for Tactical Pants

19b886841809e788490c17ace60b4bf4So, doesn’t that make you drool!  I not only have several set and colors from Kryptek for my Military use.  But I also have some for my personal use as well.  Before you go out and buy a set of camos, take it from a expert who comes from the Special Warfare community that Kryptek has what it takes!  Until next time……..

Click for Kryptek



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