Do not fear the Diamondback! from Vortex

Photo by Luke Graham

Photo by Luke Graham

Now this is one heck of a review on the Diamondback Binocular!  Please read and share.

Crawling as low as I can to an area just a few more feet a head of me.  It has taken me several hours to get where I am and in the end it will be worth it.  Finally I reached my destination.  Still laying on my stomach, I start preparing the area for what I have to do.  One of the things I need to do is set my rifle up and making sure it is covered with the foliage around me.  Next I reached into my pouch and grabbed the Vortex 10X42 Prism Binoculars to get a good fix on where I was located.  I  zoomed into the target area and could not believe what I was seeing!  These bino’s are bran new andAmbrose-5715 I could read the fine print on the license plate at 300 yards!  Holy crap!  I know I have seen some clear glass before, but this was simply amazing!  Crystal clear view to the point where it seemed I was not looking through anything but my own eyes.  Wow, is really all i could say.

Still scanning the area with these Diamondback 10X42, for about 10 minutes, until I spotted my target.  POSITIVE ID on him as I radioed back confirming that I have ID the target.  Confirmation was given back to me as a green light.  I took ready on my weapon pointing downrange and……..

Sorry folks you will just have to wait for “Part 2” in this story with the Vortex Diamondback 10X42 AWESOME Binoculars.

photo by Luke Graham

photo by Luke Graham

See, when you are in the Military or some form of Government job you are always in need of some good binoculars.  Why?  Because they have you always looking around the area or at something.  Most of the time they will issue you some old pair or some lowest bidder pair of binoculars.  But if you are anything like me, you need a trusted pair of binoculars that you know will work when you need it.  What is the saying? “You take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you.”  This is true!  Also, the saying can be, “Vortex will take care of you every time!”

Check out what Vortex has to say about the Diamondback 10X42 Binoculars:


bin_diamondback2_42_fl-tCompletely redesigned for 2016, the Diamondback binocular once again redefines the price vs performance ratio in the world of optics. Functionally, as well as aesthetically, the short hinge and upscale sleek new look not only grabs the eye, but leaves more room for your hands—making them physically easier to hold.

An all new optical system with enhanced, dielectric fully multi-coated lenses serves up stunning, views and impressive low-light performance—critical attributes when working to glass up and evaluate game. And with their ultra-wide, best-in-class, field of view, you can efficiently cover ground and acquire subjects with ease.

Magnification 10 x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Eye Relief 15 mm
Exit Pupil 4.2 mm
Linear Field of View 330 feet/1000 yards
Angular Field of View 6.3 degrees
Close Focus 6.7 feet
Interpupillary Distance 55-75 mm
Height 5.8 inches
Width 5.1 inches
Weight 21.4 oz

Now doesn’t that make you drool!  This is one pair of binoculars you can not let slip you by.  I suggest that you head over to Vortex’s website and pick the pair that would suit you best!  Until Part 2  See ya!

                     Click for Vortexlogo1


Photo by Luke Graham


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