Can they Survive Spec-Ops torture?

tumblr_nv201vixxf1s73s0lo1_1280Would you like to wear what Military Special Operations could be wearing?  Well check this article out!  Read and Share.

One of the funnies thing I have ever heard while out on a mission is how I sound like Darth Vader under water.  When I breath through the regulator and the exhale of the air.  Anyways back to action, after counting kicks and looking at the attack board we have reached our target area.  We slowly made our descent upward until we were chest high out of the water with our weapons ready.

tumblr_nv209nvnpj1s73s0lo3_1280We were already ready for action, kitted up and with our new awesome Bump helmets we got from Tacprogear.  Chief connected our ladder to the railing and we made our way to the top.  Well you know Uncle Murphy always plays a roll in what ever you do and today was no different.  One of my teammates above me on the rope, had something fall of his chest rig and came down right on the top of my bump helmet, “Crack!”  Feeling the top of the helmet with my hand and did not feel any damage.  Self adjusted it on my head and away I go upward.

Making it to the top and over the rail, it was time to get down and dirty.  It is so early in the morning and with my Kryptek gear and Tacprogear Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic Bump helmet to match, this is a win/win situation.  Making entry and……….


What more can you ask for?  Tacprogear has the best reputation for supplying top of the line equipment.  With this Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic helmet (Mandrake color)and at a great cost, you do not have to be in the Military Special Operations to get one!  Check out what Tacprogear has to say:

Tacprogear Bump Helmeta-bump-4t


  • Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic

  • Upper dovetail accessory rail for mounting devices such as low-profile lights and helmet cams

  • Lower dovetail accessory rail for mounting communication headsets, battery pack, and other accessories

  • Top and side strips of loop for attaching hook sided devices like illuminators, strobe lights, and/or battery packs

  • Front mount for night vision, cameras, or other optic devices

  • Padded suspension system with an adjustable 4-point harness

Awesome huh!  This Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic helmet comes ready for action and with the self adjustment in the back fits any head that it goes on.  Even when you think your head is bigger than others!  LOL……  So head over to Tacprogear now and order the Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic Helmet now.  Yes, for they also have the “ballistic” helmet as well.  See what happens next with our Tacprogear!  Stand-by!………..


Click for Tacprogear



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