Boomslang (Alpha Kit) from Tactical Concealment

Tactical ConcealmentThis is a must for any Sniper/EDM or civilian Long Range Precision shooter! The Sniper gear review of the Boomslang Alpha Kit from Tactical Concealment.

Have you ever thought about dressing up your rifle for the field?  Yes, there are many ways you can do that.  But the easiest way I found out of what to do, is leave it up to the experts like Tactical Concealment!  That’s right!  One of the top manufactures for the Military Sniper ghillie suits.  They have now built a ghillie cover for your rifle! It is called the Boomslang Alpha kit.


Let’s get started!  As you can see in the picture above is what you would get in the kit (not including the rifle).  A couple of pieces that mount to your rifle as well as a few pieces that attach to the scope.  Plus they give you a package of Jute to make it all better.

IMG_0962So you pull it all out and the first thing is to attach the long piece underneath the scope and secure the straps as well as the tie downs.  You will then find another piece that will Velcro to the piece that is attach under the scope to cover your barrel.


IMG_0964 Now that you have attached the front two pieces to the rifle, it is time for the scope.  You will find a small piece that attaches to the front eye piece and you it will Velcro.  The second piece will do the same to the front.  What is cool about it, is the pieces allow a space for the bolt action to move freely without getting caught in the cover.

IMG_0965As you can see the small piece allows the top cover for the scope to move forward and back.

Also, on the front piece, it covers the lens to allow the brake up almost like the kill flash.


It really is that simple!



Now that you have it all assemble on the rifle, it is time for the fun and dress it up for the play!

IMG_0999      IMG_1001

In the pictures above, I have chosen three (3) types of Jute I would like to use.  I am using dark brown, natural and  MOSS Dreadlock Bundles natural color.  Once you  place the Jute where you want it, you are ready to go!  Remember:  You do not want a ghillie’s monster on your gun.  Just place some in different areas so the way when you head into the field, you can add foliage from your surrounding area on to the rifle!


Now, how easy was that!  Tactical Concealment has awesome stuff you can dream about all day long!  Check out what they say about the Boomslang kit:

Tactical Concealment’s Boomslang Weapon Ghillie Foundation allows a optic mounted rifle to be camouflaged using 3-dimensional materials and natural vegetation. When used in conjunction with an individual worn ghillie suit the operator and weapon system becomes visually invisible.

The Boomslang is made up of prefabricated panels designed to fit overtop of specific weapon parts.  When attached adjustments can be made to achieve a tailor fit for the weapon in which it’s installed. Most bolt action, semi-automatic rifles, optics and picatinny attached components are supported.
Special consideration was given to the Boomslang design to ensure adjustments can be made so that working parts of the weapon remain unobstructed and clear from jamming.
The feature rich Boomslang can be adjusted to eliminate shadows 360 degrees, top to bottom. Installation and removal are rapid.

This is a great tool and cover to dress for the prom.  Swing by the website and see how you can play dress up also!  Until next time…..

                   Click for Tactical Concealment



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