Do you use Zombie shooting targets?

hqdefault (1)Wow! This is a great read!

What is it about the Zombie crazy?  Are you a walking dead fan?  Sometimes people are just into what the fad maybe, or just because of the TV series.  But one thing for sure! Is that Zombie targets are here to stay.  So, what Zombie targets do you use?  There are many great targets out there, but I did find one that works for me and the military personal I train out on the range.

Phil the Zombie “Bleeder”


  • Perfect for a group outing, split with your friends, and Destroy the Undead!
  • Life-sized Zombie target BLEEDS when you shoot it!!!
  • Zombies can be shot more than 1000+ rounds of assorted calibers.
  • Designed for firearms, but works with ARCHERY in conjunction with suitable backstop.
  • Biodegradable Zombie matter keeps tree huggers off your back.
  • Zombie can be reused to finish off another day.
  • Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie.
  • Printed Box with a standard shaded scoring line target
    on both sides to help sight in your weapon.
  • Open spaces behind Head & Chest work with your favorite brand of Exploding Target.
  • Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!!

You can find Phil at Zombie Industry’s

 click here  —  Phil the bleeder

Or are you more into the paper targets?  There are two types of paper targets.  1st the normal paper targets or the 3D paper one’s.  Either way I know some of you out there likes the paper targets for convenience.  As in:

ZombieTarget                                         701

Zombie FRED and JINGLES sold out!. Zombie JENNI is the only color target left, and there are no plans to print more at this time** Full color photo realistic targets. Targets are 23″ wide by 35″ tall and printed in full color on 60lb paper stock. Scoring areas are printed on the targets.

You can pick these bad boys up at: Zombie Targets

Click here —>  Zombie Targets

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