OVERWHITES SET turned into a Ghillies?- YETI

This is unbelievable!  Check this out and do not forget to share.

Are you a Sniper? DDM? or just a Long Range shooter perhaps?  And in that closet of yours you have all your ghillies suits except that one for the snow.  Yup, you have looked all over the internet to find that right one.  No, not the ghillies monster you see for sale, but that right one.  Well look no further!  I am here to show you how it is done.  To make it for cheap and custom it to you!  Check it out……

So, first you need to contact Kryptek and purchase their Overwhites set -Yeti  color. Then find an old volleyball net, white bed sheets and get some flat white paint.  Then the last then you will need to be complete is some wonderful shoegoo!

Okay, so do you have your stuff together?  Let’s go!  Grab the overwhite set and lay them down on the floor spread out.  Then take the netting and lay it over the overwhite set and cut away the extra pieces from it.  (special note:  you want the netting to come a little bit OVER the shoulder area.  This is important, because whether you are standing up or laying down, the shoulders will show.  Need to break up the pattern.)


As you can see, I had to do the top piece in section in order to make sure I had FULL flexibility within the arm span.

Now, that was a big project, cutting those pieces out.  Then you will want to take the pieces of netting and spray paint them white.  I ended up using three cans of paint.  I sprayed painted lightly at first in order to make sure the paint will hold in the net and then let loose making sure it covered the black color.  (Note: remember the saying- always go light and never dark).  I did both sides just to be on the safe side.


So, once it was all dry, I stuck it just back over the overwhites and started to shoegoo it into place.  Now an important note!  When you shoegoo the net on, allow a little room in the net to allow movement when the suit is on.  You do not want to stretch it straight out and glue it.  Because then when you put it on!  It will come apart.  As you can see it below:


You MUST let the shoegoo dry completely!  If not it will start to come apart.  LOL….. just calm down!  I know you are getting excited about the suit and wanting it done!  But it takes time.  Now that we have the netting glued on the overwhites, it is time to make the strips.


If you look above, you can see that I have an old fitted bed sheet, to where I cut the corners out so I can get kind of a square look.  Then with a pair of scissors I started cutting the sheet into the size of strips I wanted.  Long and short, depending on how you like it! The shoulder & arm areas you might like the strips shorter than the leg and back.  Up to you.

Once you reach your desire goal of strips (NOT ghillies monster) then you will want to lay out all pieces on the ground and start tying the strips into place.


There really is no common order you need to place them.  Just put them in where you would like.  Not to close or to much in one area.  Feel it out and see what looks good to you.

As you can see in this picture of the top, I started at the bottom of it and working my way to the top.  This way I can see where the strips are going.





Now that you have it all done, put it on and have someone else look at it.  That way they can let you know where all the holes are so you can fill those areas up.  Then when you checked and double check!  It is now time to go have fun!

Thanks Kryptek! for this awesome Overwhite set.  Wait until you see what we did, when we put it to the test!  Stand-by……..


Click for Overwhites set




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