Uncharged Aircartridge for training?

CaixaGreat review on Alternatives for training.  Read it!

Do you waste money on buying, “Ball” ammo?  What if I told you there was this company that has ammunition and makes it possible to set new standards and write new rules for firearms training for use of force! Would you be interested?

AirMunition provides:

  1. better, more realistic training  opportunities2case
  2. Lower costs
  3. Highest possible safety

Instead  of using traditional pyrotechnics as propellant, AirMunition has  exclusively introduced an alternative using compressed air, that guarantee full functional semi auto cycle.

Still not sure? Why not go and check out this site: http://www.airmunition.info/index_old.htm

New Application
AirMunition is much more than one training system. It is a technology that allows new training concepts to be applied in specialist environments.

Better training:
Using AirMunition allows your weapon to be fully functional in the same manner, as it would be with live ammunition; there is a realistic recoil and the cartridges are ejected, the weapon is fully functional even for immediate action drills by simply using an uncharged Aircartridge. All this and more results in the realistic and super safe realistic training. Students can now fully concentrate on the basic fundamentals of shooting and easily identify any problems.

Judge for yourself, there is noting like using rounds over and over for man on man drills. Please let me know how you feel about this item. Until then!

      bullets        Click for Aircartridge


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