What’s your Bi-pod doing for you?

Are you in need of a OUTSTANDING Precision Grade Bi-pod that works every time?  Well then this review is for you!

Finally I had reached my site.  After skull crawling for hours in this bug infested placed and humidity as well.  I slowly reached into my small pouch and pulled out my universal tool and started to dig two small holes in front of me.  Why do you ask should I be digging holes?  Great question!  Well I need to place my Precision Grade bi-pod legs in them to make sure I have a good shooting platform.

IMG_1265 - Copy (3)

After digging the holes, I place the tool back into my pocket and pulled up the rifle to where I could reach the bi-pods.  Slowly opening the bi-pods to where the legs were extended.  I placed each bi-pod leg in the holes.  I then position the rifle up against my shoulder and which put pressure on the bi-pod legs.  See, when the bi-pod legs are in the holes, it puts pressure on them but makes the rifle steady.   I have had several bi-pod break loose or the bi-pod unit would come off the rifle in training.  That is not good at all.  I needed a great bi-pod to withstand the REAL world environment.  That’s where NcStar comes in.  I  bought this Precision Grade bi-pod from them and it works great!  Never failed me yet.

DSC_0822Back to where I was.  Holding the rifle in place, bi-pod withstanding the pressure, scope is on target!  As I slowly press the trigger to the rear and hearing the sound of the round and feeling the recoil.  I got the scope back on target with the help of the bi-pod in the holes  made it easy.  “Direct hit!”  Well chat with you later, it is time to go!

NcStar has a great Precision Grade bi-pod for your rifle!  Check out what the features are:

Precision Grade Bipod – Compact Model – 5.5″ – 8.0″ with Smooth Tension Legs
• Height: 5.5″ CollapsedProducts2290-500x333-113442
• Height: 8.0 Fully Extended
• Bipod directly mounts onto most Sling Swivel studs. Includes 3 other adapters for flexible installation.
• Includes 3 separate Adapters: AR-15 GI Handguard adapter, Universal Rifle Barrel mount, and Weaver/ Picatinny type rail adapter with Sling Stud
• Spring Loaded Folding Action
• Rubber Pod Feet for Stability
• Weight: 10.2 oz
 What you really need to do, is go over to their website and order one today!
Until next time!  NcStar is the place to be!

Click for NcSTAR logo


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