“I am SPARTAN ” Spike’s Tactical lower Part 1

When you are building a rifle and need a lower with some kick ass thyme to show off at the range! Then you need to turn to Spike’s Tactical!

One day after buying my “**th rife” I was thinking that one of these days I am going to build my own rife.  The way I want it from the ground up.  I mean, yes some of the custom rifles you buy in the gun shop are great!  Or there are the ones that you have to change out the furniture on the rife to make it your own.  I wanted to do my own rifle, my own way and with a theme.  So, I researched out where to buy some cool lowers on-line.  I figured out I had this certain picture in my head of what I wanted to do with my rife. “The theme,” it would be and make it have certain Easter eggs on it representing my life in the military.   I noticed that the custom lower I wanted was from Spikes Tactical.

This brand new Spartan lower coated that Spike’s Tactical had would go perfect with the handguard I was having custom made.  I reached out to a Spike’s sales person (who was awesome help by the way) and talked with them about all the cool lowers I saw on their website.  They have build kits for the lower and complete lowers.  Depending on how far you want to go yourself to build it.  After talking to the sales person I bought the Spartan lower “stripped” and had it shipped to my local gun store.  Man!  Let me tell you, once I went to the gun store to pick it up, it was better in person then on the website.  I was getting so excited about this!

Let’s begin, I pulled the lower out of the box and with the MIL-A-8625F type III Class 2 hard coat anodized finish on the lower made it perfect for the many rounds that will be put through it.  The anodized finish made it stand out as I filled in the lower with the springs, pins and hammer to make it ready to fire.  With the Spartan Cerakote Spartan Helmet as the magazine well would match my handguard in color.  I decided to have the safety switch colored as the same color as the helmet.  So I had it colored as you can see below.  With this lower only weighting 13 oz. and measuring total length with the butt stock fully extended at 17 inches, makes it just perfect with my 10 1/2 inch barrel.


Check out what Spike’s Tactical has to say:

NOTE: Covid-19, protests, and riots has created a strong demand for firearms. We are fulfilling orders as quickly as possible, however you will likely experience longer than usual delivery times. Thank you for your patience.

NOTE: The painted version will add to the processing time. 

Inspired by the Spartans who closed the Hot Gates on Xerxes, this lower honors the warrior mindset. Technology evolves, warriors never change.

This lower is designed by Rare Breed Firearms for exclusive distribution by Spike’s Tactical.

This lower receiver uses a threaded pin for the bolt catch and is included with the receiver. 


Cerakote Spartan Helmet Billet Lower

  • Bullet Pictogram Selector Markings
  • 7075 T6 Billet Receiver
  • Multi Caliber
  • MIL-A-8625F Type III Class 2 Hard Coat Anodized Finish
  • Low Shelf, RDIAS Compatible

Weight: 13 oz



FFL required for shipment. You must disclose which FFL will be receiving this item in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box during checkout. Failure to do so will delay your order processing and shipping. If your FFL is not already on file, have them fax a signed copy of their license to (866) 283-2215 and reference your name and order number on the cover sheet.


One of the cool things that Spike brings to the table with all the lowers they have, is no disappointment.  Not only customer service, but the options you have to custom your rifle.  Stand by for part two when the rifle is fully put together.  Out on the range for the FULL down and dirty to see if the lower can hold up.

Quick preview, and we are off!  Click on the link below for your chance to build your own rifle from Spikes Tactical.  Part two on the way:



Click here for Spike’s Tactical

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