Do you have the Midnight Blues? Part 1

dsc_0038-2When you are one of the top knife fighter Instructor and Military trainers, what do you do?  Well, you find a good knife and…….

One of the first things I like to do when I am looking for a good fighting knife and that isdsc_0032 put it in my hand and work with it.  Swinging it around, manipulate it in my hand and of course fight with it.

With this WKII SAR knife I found it to fit really well in my hand.  The length of the blade was not to long for a fixed blade.  With it being a full tang knife with a “glass breaker” on the butt of the knife (we really know what it is made for) makes it a knife with multiple purposes.

Overall length is 10 inches
Blade length is 5 inches


Overall – Outstanding 10 inches of awesomeness!  Check out the video below:


Amazing Knife!  Check out what Winkler Knives has to say about the WKII:

Developed at the request of a municipal Search and Rescue Team, the S.A.R. Knife is combination of the WKII Utility Knife and the WKII Spike. Serrations along the spine of the knife provide fiber cutting capabilities without giving up any of the cutting edge. The horizontal cross guard is an added safeguard. There is an effective glass breaker at the butt of the handle. This knife is made of Cpm 154 stainless steel so, with the either a rubber or Micarta handle, it is suitable for wet environments. Pictured here with a Green Micarta handle and Caswell No-Glare Finish and a Micarta Handle with overall Midnight Camo finish. The knife is available with any of the handle options with Caswell No-Glare finish or any of the KG overall finishes listed under options.

Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler became a full-time bladesmith in 1988. Inspired by America’s frontier, Winkler II knives are also carried around the world and utilized by many elite specials forces.  Each knife design speaks to innovation and rigorous testing for the most demanding task.  The materials used are all made in the USA, premium quality and perfected to give you more than enough knife for the job.

This is the end of our part one of the WKII knife.  Stand-by for part 2 when we take it to the battlefield and work with some fighting techniques.  Until then, swing by Winkler knives and see what beautiful weaponry they have for you.


Click for Winkler Knives



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