The New Titanium Hall Pass! Sparrow lockpicks

TI passWhat an amazing lock picking tool!  This review blows the others away.  It is a must read review!

My pistol pointed downrange at the motel room door, as I slowly made my way up to it.  I really did not have to look around that much, knowing I had four other guys behind me looking out for my six.  Man! I love my job.  I get to work with some great people and with the local Law Enforcement SWAT to do cool things.  Any way  back to the door!  As we approached the door, we made sure we were i not in the windows view and we stacked a long the hinges.  The “breacher” grabbed the door handle and tried to turn it as if he was going to open it.  “Locked!” he said to the rest of us.  I looked up at him and said, ” let me try!”  I reached in my back pocket and pulled out what looked like a credit card.  But in reality it was my  Titanium Hall Pass made by Sparrow Lock picks.

I looked over at the rest of the guys and said, “okay get ready!”  I slide the card between the door and the door frame and with a reverse motion with the card, the the door lock moved backwards causing the door to ajar.  I placed my hand on the door and pushed it slowly open to make sure there was not a second lock.  There was no other lock present.  I used my shoulder to open the door all the way riding it in to clear my section of fire.  The other guys in the team followed through with their entry and we made contact with the suspect.  Great work for the team as well as the Titanium Hall Pass.

Now, I know all of you have seen on TV, about unlocking doors with a credit card?  Will this Titanium Hall Pass is made a little bit better so it will not break when you start picking locks!  One awesome tool to have in your Batman utility belt.  Check out what Sparrow Lock picks has to say about it:

Based on the same principle as classic credit card bypass method the Hall Pass is designed to manipulate the door latch between the frame and door.
However now you won’t crack your credit card. Made out of Stainless steel the hall Pass is the exact same size as a standard Credit card and will fit into any wallet.

Titanium Hall Pass

Perfect for internal doors – Schools, Office towers, Hotels, Household.

Word of Warning – remember to ditch this sucker before that international Flight….. TSA loves Shiny metal.

Isn’t that awesome!  So let’s break it down.  How many of you have seen what the door lock looks like?  Well, for those of you who have not then let’s look.

Sparrow locks

As you can see with this illustration, you have the tubular latch and the dead lock plunger.  The key to using the Titanium Hall Pass is to make sure you can get it over the whole lock and make the latch move in.


The key is to practice, practice and more practice.  Try it at home before using it in the real world.  I think you need to swing by and check out Sparrow Lock Picks and drool at what you can get.  Until next time…..


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2 thoughts on “The New Titanium Hall Pass! Sparrow lockpicks

  1. Question time…

    What would you use for a dead bolt lock?

    As an aside, I showed my family how to unlatch the swinging door latch style that prevents the door from opening. They were surprised how easy I got into the house with a folded up magazine and finally understood why I like the dead bolt.

    Another question…what about a hotel room electronic lock?


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    • For a deadbolt (easy) my 14 year old son can do a deadbolt in 1 minute and 8 seconds. I like to use the tension tool as well as the single curve pick. Hotel room I can not tell you. But if you google it, I am sure you can find anything.

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