Sparrows Lock comes to the rescue

No crap! There I was!  No lights around, only in the distance.  I was not making a sound.  Laying there on my back hoping no one would see me.  I was praying as my heart was racing almost beating out of my chest because I thought I heard a noise.  I whispered to my partner if they found it yet.  I hear a soft respond, “no.”  I whispered back softly, “hurry up.”  Just then, my wife turns on the light on the night stand as she leans in on the bed and holds up the handcuff key.  She said, “I found it.”

HAHA!  What luck do I have, and how embarrassing it could have been if my kids or the neighbor walked in.  Right! How many of you can relate?  Man, I need to reach out to Sparrows Locks and learn how to pick these handcuffs, just in case.

But, for all the rest of you!  Read this article, order some shims and watch the video.  Do not say I did not help you as much as I could!  Stay tough and until next time……


Sparrows Handcuff Shims

Handcuff shims can open handcuffs by separating the ratcheting mechanism from the lock body and a handcuff’s swing arm.
Some Handcuff models like the Tri-Max have a split ratchet with a gate in the centerline.
That gate blocks standard shims and a split shim is required to bypass it.
Sparrows handcuff shims come with a unique citadel head that offers such extreme grip that the shims can be operated with a single finger.
Even with sweaty hands the citadel head prevents your fingers from slipping off the shim.

Works on Smith & Wesson, Peerless, Safariland and countless others

This is for 4 Handcuff Shims
2 x Standard
2 x Split

Click here for Sparrows Lock


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