Time for an Upgrade with Extrema Ratio

When do you think it is time for an upgrade?  Well, Extrema Ratio says NOW! Check this out.



trench knife is a combat knife designed to kill or incapacitate an enemy at close quarters, such as in a trench or other confined area. It was developed as a close combat weapon for soldiers attacking enemy trenches during the First World War.
Extrema Ratio has developed a knife that is immediately recognized in the world today.  This design replicates the famous trench knife used in World War I and in World War II. This knife is called, “ASFK.”  It was a general-purpose knife used both for combat and for utility purposes. In World War II the trench knife was especially prized by the Italian Arditi (this unit was the name adopted by a Royal Italian Army elite special force of World War I) for close quarter combat.


Extrema Ratio decided to upgrade the knife by using modern materials, production of a design team to make this knife, new and improved. Extrema Ratio designed the ASFK to be a full combat weapon on the battle field and is currently used by Italian Special Forces [ Comando Forze Speciali Esercito Italiano]. Believe it or not, it is now available for YOU here in the USA.


BLADE: This blade is 11 1/2″ overall. 6 1/2″ partially serrated Bohler N690 steel blade; a high-performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics. This steel is also used in the butchering industry and to make surgical instruments.  It is a full tang that extends past the end of the handle and forms a window breaker. It also has a lanyard hole near the window breaker.
The ASFK blade and the finger guard are constructed in one piece. This creates a strong blade with a strong, protective finger guard. The traditional finger guard allows you extra control and gives you a strong grip. Beautifully designed blade.  You can also see that close to the handle and on top of the blade, it has ridges.  This is for your thumb to rest on to allow you full access to your grip, thrust and slashing.

HANDLE: Made of Forprene with a “rubbery” kind of texture that feels smooth in the hand. It allows the grip of the hand not to slip easy.  With the palm of the hand around the grip and the fingers in the holes makes for an unbelievable grip.  The ASFK has a distinctive handle design patterned that will remind you that you are once again in the trenches fighting for your life.

SHEATH: Belt sheath has a removable leg strap attachment. Desert color with a heavy duty cordura. Yes it is MOLLE compatible for all you tactical cool peeps!  Also, the special thing about this sheath, is that it falls away from the back allowing you to pull the knife out of the sheath at an angle.  Why is this important?  When you think of pulling out a knife from its sheath it is mostly straight up and down motion.  This one allows you to fully grip the handle (brass knuckles) and pull it out ready for action.

Important: They ship anywhere in the US within days!  They have distribution centers here in the US.  But they will ship anywhere in the world!

You have to check out what Extreme Ratio has to say about it:

A.S.F.K. is a dagger dedicated to and adopted by the new Comando Forze Speciali Esercito Italiano (Italian Special Forces). A.S.F.K. combat knife revives the Arditi tradition and cold weapon assaults which are characteristic of trench warfare. A.S.F.K. combat knife is a contemporary interpretation of the famous trench combat knife. It comes with N690 Böhler steel blade, forprene handle and a ring guard for hand protection while using it as a glass breaker.


WEIGHT G.: 413,0
WEIGHT OZ.: 14,6

Here is their Mission Statement



There are unique lines characterizing and distinguishing our production. These factors have become the witnesses to our philosophy, based on quality and uniqueness of each single piece. Our products are professional technical tools, they are designed and manufactured to solve problems.
We produce a few articles because we believe in their peculiarity: each of them is dedicated to a certain kind of use.

The interaction with our clients and the exceptional contribute of experience and knowledge allow the quality to grow up day by day.
Thanks to the collaboration with Italian and International Armed Forces and Police Units, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and information that allows us to develop truly qualified products for professional use. We deal with the study, prototyping, testing and production of military, police and rescue items. We produce following specifications and requests or we develop new products to solve the problems that the customer indicates us.

Bad ass right!

Guys and Gals – Head over to Extrema Ratio and see all of the other cool knives they have.  Stand-by for part two of the ASFK.  Where we combat fight with it.

Until next time……………….

Click here for Extrema Ratio

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