May there be a little more light in your future

When you think of carrying a flashlight what do you carry?  Most people think of one name and that name is Streamlight.  Check out this review below!I am on patrol one night, just thinking that it really is slow for a Saturday night.  I rounded the next block when a call came over the radio.  The caller said there was an unknown person or persons trying to break into their home.  The address was just one block away.  I called it in that I was enroute to the scene.  As I arrived on scene, I parked two houses down and exited the vehicle.  I reached down and grabbed my Streamlight flashlight.  I could not see anything around the house.  Nor could I hear anything.  I got closer to the house and noticed the front door looked like it was kicked in.  I pulled out my weapon and advised over the radio of the situation.  Just then I heard a woman scream.  So I entered through the front door and could not see anything.  Even with my eyes already adjusted to the darkness, it was even darker in the first room.  I knew there are several hidden areas in a house that you can not see even with a flashlight.  If you turn on a flashlight in a home and shine it around several things happen.

One, the light is a beacon for the suspects to shoot at, because the light leads right back to you.  Yes, there are several ways you can hold the light, but it always leads right back to where you are.  Second, the light is also a beam that focuses in certain areas and has areas you can not see.  So where do we go with this?  I found a technique that works in your favor and no one can hide from.

I took my new Streamlight flashlight stinger 2020 and pointed it up at the ceiling.  Turned it on and it was almost like the sun was in that room with me.  You can see all the blind spots (if you have never tried that before, try it.  You will be amazed).  As the room lite up I checked the immediate area and that’s when I heard the scream again.  I continued holding the stinger 2020 at the ceiling until I walked into the kitchen where I saw the suspect with a bat in his hand.  I took the stinger 2020 2,000 lumens and shined it in his face and then….

No more people, I can tell you the suspect was taken into custody safe and sound.  Plus no one was hurt that night.  All I can say is that Streamlight is the bran I am using and so should you.

Check out what Streamlight has to say:

Rechargeable LED Flashlight

  • 2,000 lumens (high beam); runs 24 hours (low beam)
  • Mode switch for easy selection of high, medium or low
  • Long-lasting lithium ion battery pack with multiple charging options
  • Advanced ergonomic design for the perfect grip and ultimate comfort


High Lumens                                      2,000
Run Time on High                           2.00 hours
Run Time on Low                            24.00 hours
Beam Distance                                315 meters
Battery Type                                     SL-B26 Battery Pack
Battery Quantity                           2
Length                                                  7.67 inches (19.48 centimeters)
Weight                                                 12.30 ounces (348.70 grams)
Colors                                                   Black
Can you believe this light!  Let me tell you this light is small enough to fit perfect in the hand, but bright like you are holding a flood light.  Plus it is amazing with the new technology with the batteries.  These rechargeable batteries can charge in the holder and use the plug as you plug in your phone.  Yup, or mount the holder anywhere and have it ready when you need it.  I truly believe this will be your last duty, or all purpose flashlight.
Head over to Streamlight now and check it out.  Until next time!!

Click here for Stinger 2020

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