Which hood/Boonie is better for you?

As a sniper, one thing you need to have is your ghillies suit. The biggest part of that suit is the hood!  What do I mean?  Well, do you like to wear a hat? or a hood?  Tactical concealment allows you to choose when you have them build you a suit.  Check it out:

One of the better versions of many hoods Tactical Concealment is the H-3 NYCO.

The H-3 NYCO is a hood that connects to any suit you buy from Tactical Concealment with the velco straps around the base of the hood.  It is very durable with a wide strap pattern for vegetation.  TC says:

Light Duty Mesh (Camelbrown) – Medium Strength/ more breathable
Light Duty Mesh (OD Green) – Medium Strength/ more breathable
Heavy Duty MultiCam Mesh (MCM) – Strong/ some breathability (little stiff when new)
HDAM (Heavy Duty A-TACS AU Mesh) – Strong/ some breathability
HDAM (Heavy Duty A-TACS FG Mesh) – Strong/ some breathability
Supplex (thin Nylon material/ used by outdoor adventurers) – Medium strength/ little to no breathability
NYCO (Nylon-Cotton/ “Ripstop”) – Strong/ little to no breathability

Click here for the H-3 NYCO

Now think about it!  You can have Tactical Concealment use any pattern you like to match your suit or terrain you live.  Hoods are easy to take on and off by moving the hood back off your head.  The pros are it is hade enough to slip over and off the head easily.  Wide pattern straps to put vegetation in and vents the heat out.  Now if you are laying down (face first) you can easily hide your head.  Cons – it is wide and doesn’t conceal the face.



Or are you the old fashion kind where you like to wear a hat. Tactical Concealment has taken the normal Military boonies and attached netting to attach the vegetation.  I personally like this style for my suit.

Tactical Concealment sniper boonie hats are built from scratch. It’s lightweight and durable as hell.
Update: Aug. 2019 – The 1-inch sniper netting sewn onto the hat may either be brown or gray in color.
> Constructed from NYCO fabric
> Crown is made entirely of nylon mesh which provides exceptional ventilation and heat dissipation.
> Crown is bartacked with nylon cord to attach jute, burlap &r foliage attachment.
> Sides of hat is covered with 1-inch nylon netting to support the use of burlap and foliage .
> 1-inch nylon netting is sewn around the circumference of brim.
> One-Size-Fits-All. Fit head sizes 6-inches  8-inches via adjustable 1.5-inch elastic strap.
Pros – allows you the freedom to easily removed, covers the face whether you are laying down or standing up, can cover the back part of the rifle and scope.  Netting is wide for breathing.  Cons – wind can blow off the boonie, if the hat is not fit properly can easily fall off.

Click here for the boonie

So, which one is your favorite?  Doesn’t really matter if you like to switch between the to, because the hood can be quickly released by the velco straps.  Either way this gives you the options you need.  Swing by Tactical Concealment and pick which one you want!  Until next time…..

Click here for Tactical Concealment

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